Have you noticed how much queers and transgenders act like niggers?


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It's the same type of anger and bullying. Then when they get caught, it's all "Ah dindu nuttin" or "it's someone else's fault ."

It's like they took a chapter out of the 1960s best-selling book: HOW TO BE A NIGGER by esteemed Afro-studies professor Isa Whitecunt.

A couple of chicks were in the bathroom in an Oklahoma high school when this happened:

The victim had injuries to her "eye, face and head with a possible concussion."

The trannie was charged with single counts of disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

But then the trannie's mother chirps in and claims

Welcome to 21st Century America where no one is guilty except you and me.
Isa Whitecunt lol
Cuz you know niggers cant write


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The LGBTQWERTY+ brigade are becoming more and more militant, I have a couple of friends who are lesbians but they aren't the loud aggressive type with short cropped multi coloured hair, tattoos and piercings. There's factions in the qwerty+ brigade, lesbians and gays are prejudice against transgender people and everyone of them is shouting about rights, as far as I'm concerned you are either born Male or Female and your sexual preferences don't change that and having your genitals altered does not grow you a pair of ovaries or balls for that matter you are still genetically the same sex you were when you were born.
The more I learn, the easier it is to see the BS from the trees lol
i dont hate gays or trans people..... so i dont have anything to say. no comment.


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Niggers have taught the youth how to be manipulators, liars, thieves, booty bandits, and all kinds of unholy sins. They are demons cursed by God, and Children of Ham.

PRIDE: We was kangz n shieet. BOO HOO! My ancestors were slaves (Cry me a river bozo.)

GREED: Gibsmedat!

LUST: Muh dick!

ENVY: You know dindus ENVY Asians like no other race.

GLUTTONY: Go to any major city's DMV and look at the 300lbs sows there.

WRATH: Asian hate. Black on Black crimes.

SLOTH: Sigh...this one is too easy.
Applying the 7DS to niggers is something I've never considered. You're right, though. Niggers fit every criteria perfectly and beyond. Spooks embody the ultimate "do this and become a statistic" lifestyle. Rarely living past 18 in most areas. And if they do live, they survived by going to prison and joining a gang.


There are a few hot ones in my gym, what a waste.
My friends are both qualified doctors who help people so I suppose anyone who is disgusted by what they do in private wouldn't want them to treat them if the were having an heart attack, one is also Chinese so she must be a communist spy as well.