Coalburner Pornstar Kagney Linn Karter Died Committed Suicide

New Minority

Happy ending 😂

As for sex being something sacred, it is only due to religious dogma and forced abstinence.

But I think it would be funny to grab my bible and lecture the chimpanzees in zoo about masturbation.

The porn star was a paid whore. Nothing more, her sense of self worth was sold to the nearest bidder, and she took it.
She wrecked and diseased her body for money, after the money is gone, there is nothing left but a wrecked body and a longing to reverse time , and undo mistakes.

What's the definition of a hormone?

It's the sound you hear when you don't pay the hooker.

Sir Lynchalot

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Harley Davidson + Grand Canyon = yippie kay yay, MoFo

Extra points if you finance the bike the day prior

Double points if you do it on your birthday

10x poins if you do it on Christmas wearing a Santa suit

Nate Higgerz

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Well, whatever anguish she was experiencing, that has ended for her. I believe she had lots of regrets about some of her life choices as well as being brainwashed by the memes (niggers are just like us). The lure of quick money can be intoxicating. There are lots of reasons people kill themselves. It's the most extreme form of self-harm. There have been many, many porn performer suicides. At the end of all of them was despair. Despair is the end of the line.

That’s true. Unfortunately people who don’t have money think that it is the answer for happiness. Take it from someone who has been on both ends of the financial spectrum, it does not. At least in the wrong hands it doesn’t.

I’ve said it on other posts before but I’ll say it again. The combination of Social media and smart phones have completely destroyed people psyches. The fact that you are constantly being bombarded by real time “likes” or “comments” all while being able to compare yourself directly with someone else on the same platform is causing irreversible damage to people’s self image.

Furthermore, it destroys the concept of what reality is. That goes anywhere from financial goals, relationship expectations, sex and other things that are cornerstones of a fulfilling existence as a human being. Pair it up with an unhealthy obsession with niggers and glamorization of online sex work, and you’ll have the perfect ingredients for something like this to happen.