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Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 2: Ethiopia (NutNice)

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  • Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 2: Ethiopia (NutNice)


    Addis Ababa
    East Africa

    Ethnic groups:
    GDP, Total:
    $69.099 billion
    GDP Per Capita:
    $823 (ranked 175th)

    Main industries:
    Umm...ah, well...uhhmmm…


    What we now know as Ethiopia goes back to prehistoric times; not
    surprisingly, the country is still basically in the Stone Age. Niggers
    and their defenders like to pretend Ethiopia had a huge, important
    empire around Biblical times. While Ethiopians were generally more
    advanced than the jungle niggers which lived in the more southern
    parts of Africa, most of their 'advancement'--which consisted of
    some castles and churches--was due to Arab influence. One field
    in which they never advanced was apparently that of feeding

    In 1896, at the battle of Adowa, Italy suffered the embarrassment
    of being defeated by the Ethiopian niggers. This disgrace would be
    rectified in 1936, when Mussolini's troops completely pwned the
    spear-chucking chimps with airplanes and poison gas. From 1930
    to 1974, Ethiopia was ruled by King Haile Selassie. Jamaican niggers
    considered him a living God, which goes to show what copious
    amounts of ganja will do to the already feeble nigger brain. Selassie
    was ousted in 1974 by the Communist niggers of the DERG, who
    saw Selassie's riches and said "GIBS MUH DATT!!". It is
    believed that the leader of the Nigger Commies, Mengistu Haile
    Mariam, strangled the old nigger king to death, doing the only
    good deed of his entire life.

    Current Ethiopian Prime Minister, Menes Zelawi.

    In the early 80's, the Ethiopians were all starving and were yelling
    to the rest of the world "WE BEEZ HUNGRY AND SHEEET!!", so
    a bunch of shitty "rock-stars" got together and recorded that crappy
    "We Are The World" single. And guess what? Even after all the money
    that was raised, the niggers were still starving, and are still starving
    today. Ethiopia has gone to war several times with fellow African
    train-wreck, Somalia. It is believed the reason for the conflicts was
    a dispute over half a sandwhich. Or maybe it had something to do
    with Muh Dikk, you just never know with niggers. Ethiopia also
    lost part of its territory in the 1990s, when Eritrea seceded and
    became an independent nation. Apparently, Eritrea somehow thought
    it would be better to starve to death as an independent nation.

    Today, Ethiopia is very much like the rest of the Afreakan continent:
    a fucking mess of starvation, AIDS and violence.

    Addendum: Despite the fact that the fucking niggers were starving
    to death back in the 1980s (before and since then, actually), Ethiopia
    somehow managed to almost double its population since 1984. Back then,
    it was about 42 million. Now, it's almost 80 million! And to boot, Ethiopia
    lost Eritrea and its population when that part of the country became
    independent! So the next time you see a commercial begging for money
    for starving niggers in Ethiopia, know that the donated money goes to
    increase a population of useless, destructive organisms. The only thing
    they do better than starve is breed.

    (Thanks to Red Snake for the additional information).
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    Fun fact: Yabba Dabba Do actually means "fuck you" in Ethiopian.