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Chimpout Nigger World Atlas, Page 41: Russian Federation (Coach Coon)

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  • Chimpout Nigger World Atlas, Page 41: Russian Federation (Coach Coon)

    Russian Federation
    141,927,297 humans, minus an estimated 40-70,000 niggers
    Ethnic Groups:
    Russians, Turkics, Asians... 0.05% nigger!
    Main Industries:
    Oil, aerospace hardware, Communism, suicidal novelists
    Russian, 27 co-official languages

    The history of niggers in Russia began when Tsar Peter the Great huffed a mushroom and decided to adopt a pet nigger from the Turkish slave market in 1704. Abram Petrovitch (son of Peter) became the first documented spearchucker in the Empire and the last nigger to live in the Kremlin without a bucket and a mop.

    Two centuries later Tsar Nicholas II purchased two uppity-looking coons whose job was to stand at attention by his chamber doors night and day, wearing elaborate turbans and ceremonial swords and opening and closing to anyone in grandiose fashion.

    Arguably a far worthier use for niggers in the early 1900s than the Americans had decided.

    In 1917 the tsar and his wife, children, court physician, maid and pet dog were murdered and the Soviet Union was born. Communism, holding niggers in high regard as the oppressed laborers of Western capitalists, allowed their importation to begin in earnest.

    The Soviets played no small hand in the disaster of decolonizing Apefreaka, managing to convince the niggers that they could control their own fate and giving them the weapons and training to do so. Tens of thousands of niggers flooded Soviet skoos on political scholarships. Ejucamation failed to help the niggers as rather than imparting with Russian science and technology they simply fired their simian brains with Communist "fuk YT, we beez oppressed an sheit" ideology and returned home more apelike and violent than before.

    The Soviets were not completely insane, however. Africoons had a gubmint curfew at 8 pm, explaining the lack of niggerfuxation, and citizenship requirements were tightened as a noose around niggers – so much so that after 90 years, Russia's nigger population remains smaller than Norway's.

    Marxist nigger on a postage stamp, two years before the USSR collapsed.

    Privet, muhfuggas!

    Differing somewhat from the above, today's Russian niggers live in constant fear in a country with at least one skinhead for every nigger. 50% of Moscow's nigger metro passengers reported getting physically attacked in the past, making the Moskovsky metropoliten one of the safest in the world for humans. To survive, niggers commonly avoid public transit and return to their huts, hoods or bridges by the old Soviet curfew of 8 pm. Getting called a "sagbo" or "chorniy" (nigger) is so commonplace that even most niggers don't report it.

    Not that anybody in Russia would give a shit about niggers. Said one nigger in an article published in the Globe and Mail (Ebonics lost in translation):

    "I run faster from the police than I do from the skinheads. Once I went to a police station to make a complaint, and the duty officer said: 'Why are you here, Mr. Nigger? We don't have any bananas here.'"

    The number of niggers pursuing higher ejucamation in Russia has plummeted. Africoon "students" attracted to Russia's free universities (gibs me dat) now prefer to swim to Cuba or India instead. Predictably, most "prominent Afro-Russians" are feetsball and basketball niggers.

    In short, Russia is one of the last countries in the world where being a nigger is very much something to hide. So if you need some time off from roving packs of wild niggers in New Africa, book your flight to Rossiya-Matushka and leave your pepper spray and stockwhip at home.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    These subhumans do not belong in ANY human country!!!!!
    Last edited by Fireblade; 05-31-2020, 07:43 AM. Reason: Removed implied violence


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      Why aren't there any chimpouts in Russia? Guess why.


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        They think russia is some kind of Europe or so...


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          Great article. Several belly laughs. We all know niggers ruin everything. Given a chance they’d happily fuck everything in Eastern Europe up.


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            Originally posted by OpenPeanut View Post

            I am not surprised at all that the only job/talent the nig has is making some jungle bunny noise.
            "Ook ook eek eek, И плаы мусик фор тчем црацкерс" (I plays musik for dem crackers).


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              I am not surprised either but I was very dissapointed when I saw that white upper middle class russians are doing the wigger. It's rich commie kids and their nigger pet having a good xenophilia time together. All that propaganda with it's my home because it's earth, no real refugee status, blabla had to flee. Zimbabwe is on the other side of the planet and also a commie shithole. It costs a lot of money to be a DJ - I would say to be a good DJ you will have to spend minimum 800$ to 1000$ a month for new records, when you are not an "mp3 DJ". All that makes me supicious about the "good intentions" and background of the wiggers and niggers; it's propaganda to let the niggers in because they dindu nuffins, except "good music".

              Russia is also the country where the word "racism" was created by Leon Trotsky. It was specificaly designed to target slavic people and minorities that wanted to keep their traditions, religions and worldview - resulting in the gulgags and the greatest genocides. There is something very evil and sinister in that propaganda.