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Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 19: United States of America (NutNice)

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  • Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 19: United States of America (NutNice)

    United States of America

    North America
    Washington, D.C.
    Racial Groups:
    White (including Hispanic) 80%, Nigger 13%, Asian 4.5%,
    Native American 1%
    GDP (Total):
    $14.334 trillion
    GDP Per Capita:
    Main Industries:
    Talking on the phone, ringing cash registers, pushing
    papers, buying and re-selling junk

    The United States of America, a formerly important and prosperous
    nation--and the most powerful nation the world has seen so far--was
    first populated by hundreds of different native tribes who emigrated
    from Asia, perhaps as long as 40,000 years ago. It is believed explorers
    from Scandinavia arrived in North America hundreds of years before
    the Western Hemisphere was officially "discovered" in 1492 by Christopher
    Columbus. What would eventually become the political entity known as
    the USA began in 1607, with the first English settlement, Jamestown. The
    Plymouth colony was established in 1620, also along North America's
    east coast. By 1733, The Thirteen Colonies would be established, and
    these would rebel against Britain in 1775, declare independence the
    next year and become a nation in 1781.
    The new nation's Founding Fathers had a terrific idea: they would form
    a nation which, at least on paper, would treat people as free, independent
    beings with inalienable rights and freedoms, where anyone could do whatever
    they wanted as long as they were not hurting anyone else. There would
    be a major problem with this idea, though: starting shortly after the
    continent's colonization, Europeans brought niggers to the colonies to
    work as slaves, because this was cheaper than paying people for an
    honest day's work. The founding of an independent United States, at least
    for nearly a century, would bring little change to the nigger question.
    Niggers were animals and were not considered people under the Constitution.
    As long as this remained the case, everything was fine. The problem was
    that,inevitably, this was bound to change. People weren't going to tolerate
    slavery forever, even if the slaves were smelly niggers. In the 1860's,
    the country was split by the Civil War. One cause (although perhaps not
    even the main one) was the status of niggers as slaves. When the war
    ended, the nigger troglodytes were freed. And then the real problems
    would begin. The reason for these problems is that whenever niggers
    are brought into a society, even if it's only as slaves, they will
    eventually eat the society from within, much as termites would.

    I would say this is a substantial part of our problems.

    But can you really hate termites for being termites? You could, say,
    have a dog sit through a couple of years of accounting lessons. He
    may even sit there, wagging his tail, and stare at the complicated
    formulas, and balance sheets and income statements on the blackboard.
    If he's a well-trained doggy, he won't cause any trouble. If the only
    requirement is for it to sit there and look at the accounting lessons
    and just not bite anyone, the doggy may earn a diploma or a CPA
    certification. But when it's all said and done, both you and me know
    that the nice doggy won't be able to do your income tax returns or
    your payroll or even operate a calculator. So guess what? You can
    teach niggers about civics and the law and work and the economy, and
    when you're all done, and they're done sitting there staring at you
    and wagging their figurative tails, they will go out into society
    and just do what nature programmed them to do anyway: destroying
    everything. And in the end it wasn't the niggers fault. It was our ancestors'
    fault for having brought his stinking ass here in the first place, where
    it clearly didn't belong.
    But I digress.
    America grew and grew after the Civil War. It became a haven for
    innovation and creativity. Huge industries grew and majestic cities
    would spring up. Industrialists would rule the land and try to keep
    all the wealth their workers produced, until workers fought back and
    were eventually able to secure some rights for themselves and somewhat
    fight the notion that people who don't have millions of dollars and
    work with their hands are actually worth something and deserve a
    decent slice of the pie. This would cause the USA to become a solidly
    middle-class country, and therein lay its prosperity and its ability
    to become a stable, powerful nation. Meanwhile the niggers were made
    to stick to their part of town--and while they were no longer slaves--
    they were kept under tight control. If one of them acted up, a merry
    "necktie party" was thrown for the nigger, usually around the tallest
    tree in town. So everything was going fine.

    Homeboy be hangin' out an sheeet!

    Then the USA made the mistake of getting mixed up in World War I. The
    shortage of labor in the industrial north of the country compelled
    many coons to leave the South and deposit their asses in towns like
    Chicago, Detroit, Gary, etc. Within 50 years, they had totally wrecked
    such towns with their TNB. After World War II, some people decided
    that keeping the niggers under control was bad and "oppressive", so
    the "Civil Rights Movement" was born, which culminated with the
    outlawing of segregation in the 1960s. This "struggle" (which was more
    like a 20-year long riot) was led by Martin Lucifer Coon, a communist,
    plagiarist and known sexual pervert and adulterer. Luckily, this nigger
    was made good in 1968, but not before the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    was passed. Curiously enough, the more rights and privileges the Government
    gave the niggers, the more they rioted and set entire cities on fire. The more
    niggers got, the angrier they became, oddly enough. America gave the
    niggers jobs ahead of more qualified humans and they cried "RAYCISSM!!"
    We let them into our finest universities and they said "DIS BE INJUSSSTIZZ!"
    The USA bends over backwards to make sure niggers get whatever
    they need--money, food stamps, job training-- so that they can
    be productive members of society, and they express their gratitude
    by robbing, raping, killing and destroying. And then they say
    "I DINTS DO NUFFINS!!". And now America has given the coons a
    "Black" President. What will they say now? I'm sure they're thinking
    of something to whine about, even as I write this. However, with a coon
    in the White House, it won't be much longer before niggers demand that
    humans get off the sidewalk to let them pass, or stop paying their bills
    (well, moreso than before) because now "blacks run the country". Sorry,
    apes, but you are all in for an extremely rude awakening.

    Enjoy your new President and First Simian (pic courtesy of James E Ray).

    And while all this has been happening, America decided to stop
    MAKING anything, since Third World countries could make stuff
    so much cheaper. And we decided to stop being involved with how
    our government is run, because the football game's on, man!! And
    we let giant corporations take all our resources and throw them
    down the toilet and ship our jobs overseas and work to death those
    of us who still manage to have jobs. Not only that, but in recent decades
    our government and financial institutions have seen it fit to lend money to
    niggers that no one in their right mind would've thought could pay a
    mortgage. So all the defaults have sent the credit markets tumbling and
    are causing the worst meltdown since the Great Depression. And we
    haven't even reached bottom yet.
    Our mighty empire and our wealth and influence quickly evaporate, and soon
    there won't be enough leftover wealth to bribe the niggers into not chimping
    out all the way. And then what?!? Just make sure you're ready, because things
    are getting very grim, very fast. And like most empires, this one must end, but
    the kind of end if meets was largely due to us. We could've had a soft landing,
    or we can have what is certainly coming. And we'll have no one but ourselves
    to blame.
    Good night!
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    Niggers are the pebble in the shoe of humanity


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      Originally posted by Lord of da Kangz View Post
      Niggers are the pebble in the shoe of humanity
      A silver lining, they showed the world that snatching them by chains and working them in plantations was a very bad idea. So they might have ultimately helped a little in ending slavery of other humans along with them.