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    Idiocy, LTD by Eric Mader

    One of many stories to illustrate the type of humor.
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    Niggers are not Human.
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    I have been looking into this Mader since I saw this post, interviews, reviews, and snippets of work. This guy is an authors author. I like his dry sense of humor and "Monty Python" satire. Being a cat person, I can't give him 5 stars though. He definitely has a Writing style all his own. I need to order Idiocy. Thanks for posting this.

    I much prefer dogs to cats. But I don't actually hate cats. I just do it professionally, as a gag. I like to rile cat people. And really they don't have much defense, because, well, they're cat people."

    "See? I can't help it. It's kind of become a tic."
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