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Mother and Daughter Murdered

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  • Mother and Daughter Murdered

    "a plasma television set, DVD player and cellphones were stolen"

    Last edited by Dirtydan; 01-14-2020, 08:33 AM.
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    Just saw this too. Just another day in sunny S.A.


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      I actually know some South Africans who were lucky enough to get out of that shithole 15 years ago when that was still possible for whites. From what they have told me literally all white people in South Africa would leave if they could but are basically trapped there by financial reasons, and now the nigger government is actively trying to keep whites trapped there because nobody else can run the country, especially now that the niggers are all in charge of every major office. It actually angers me the USA, Europe and western nations are being forced to take in hordes of nigger and sand nigger "refugees" who turn our nations and culture into shit, yet somehow we can't extract the white refugees being murdered in South Africa, even though they would contribute infinitely more to our societies. I truly feel for those poor bastards literally trapped under nigger rule and reign when they themselves are only 1/10 of the population, truly a scare thought.