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Snuffy Smith's- Basilard thread

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  • Snuffy Smith's- Basilard thread

    I found it after 4 years of looking through old files on my computer. I got as much as possible before the servers shut for good.
    Here is "Snuffy Smith's" Basilard thread from the old site. Nothing is mine I own nothing here, I have no rights to this, this is just copy and paste from my PC.

    Here's something I've been working off and on with. All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

    The Year of the Basilard

    Bill Gonne was light-headed as he heard the verdict on the news. No one in the country, unless they were in a coma or otherwise deprived, missed hearing about this case. For Bill, the outcome should have been a no-brainer.

    The available facts of the case were these:

    A 30-year old Rockford, Illinois man, Christos Apatatos held a birthday party for his nine-year-old daughter, Ruth in his backyard. To allow guests easier access, he unlocked the gate in the fence which extended from the side of his house to the adjoining property and which divided the front of his property from the backyard. The party commenced at two in the afternoon and ended shortly after six p.m. on the 20th of June when the last guest left. While Christos and his wife Angela were inside the home cleaning up after the party, Ruth was left outside in the back yard to play with some of the presents she received. The Apatatos’ failed to re-secure the gate.

    At approximately seven p.m. Christos went outside to check on his daughter but did not see her. He called her name repeatedly but the only response was a noise from the storage shed at the rear of his property. Ruth was not allowed to be in there and was usually good about minding what her parents told her. Approaching the shed; his feet crunching on the gravel path, Christos heard a noise like his daughter whimpering in pain.

    Entering the shed, Christos encountered 19-year-old Jamal Jackson pulling up his pants. Ruth was still on the floor with her jeans still pulled down around her ankles. Before Christos could say anything, the black teenager charged at him. With no more than two seconds to react, Christos grabbed the closest object to defend himself; in this case, a spade used for gardening. Swinging it, he caught Jamal across the left forearm. Screaming in pain, the attacker rushed again and forced Christos aside as he pushed his way out of the shed where he was neatly felled by a .38 caliber bullet between his eyes. Angela Apatatos stood outside the shed with her revolver and called for her husband.

    What followed was a routine police investigation. Ruth was taken to the hospital where it was determined she was the victim of a sexual assault; her hymen was torn and she was bleeding, but no penile penetration had yet occurred. She told the police that Jamal put his fingers inside her in order to “loosen her up first.” This is what she said Jamal told her.

    Initially Angela and Christos were not charged with anything. They were taken to the police station and questioned. They were asked if they were aware of the city ordinance which only allowed firearms in the home. They were not aware of this as they were relatively new residents of Rockford, but the law itself was vague as to whether “home” meant only the domicile or extended to the yard or any outbuildings. The cops decided to interpret the law broadly, and, in view of the circumstances, decided self-defense on the home-owners’ property constituted justified homicide.

    The media shit-storm was not long in coming.

    First came the news that Jamal Jackson was learning-disabled and only had an IQ of 75 and incapable of knowing he wasn’t supposed to be on the Apatatos’ property. Second was the accusation that the Rockford police were racist in not charging the Apatatos’ with anything. Third was the allegation that Angela Apatatos racially profiled Jackson before killing him. Fourth was the claim that Ruth was coerced into making a false statement. Jamal was just trying to leave when he was shot dead by an evil white racist bitch.

    All this was organized by professional race-hustlers determined to “get justice for Jamal.” Fund-raising appeals went forth with tearful messages from Jamal Jackson’s mother, Lakeisha Williams begging not to let her baby boy die in vain.

    Before long the streets of Rockford became the scene of massive protests (many protestors were brought in from Chicago). Death threats against the Apatatos’ came from various quarters and one militant black group offered a reward of $1 million for them dead or alive. The Apatatos’ went into hiding; their abandoned home was broken into and trashed.

    Due to the excessive publicity and potential for violence, Christos Apatatos was dismissed from his job as an insurance claims adjustor. Angela was given no further assignments as a home health care aide. Only through the assistance of a website they established and the donations of sympathetic donors through PayPal were they able to pay their bills and the mortgage on the house they could no longer live in.

    After a month of media generated political pressure, the state attorney general, Elizabeth Lichtmann announced she was bringing charges against the Apatatos’. She announced the right to life of a trespasser superseded a property’s owner’s right to defense of property unless the intention of the trespasser was to cause death or injury to the property owner or others present on the property. That Ruth Apatatos was on the floor of the shed with her pants down and crying was insufficient cause for Angela to use deadly force, she said, because Angela had not determined (and had no way of knowing) Jamal Jackson’s intentions before shooting him.

    The Apatatos’ were arrested and held pending the convening of grand juries. At the last minute the attorney general announced she wasn’t going to proceed with the grand jury route, but would bring the cases to trial with the knowledge that there would never be a capital murder trial for Angela: a second degree murder conviction was all she could expect. Christos was only charged with felony battery in a homicide case.

    In what was seen as a political move, the trials were delayed for a year; to occur after the 2016 election. The hype, however, was only delayed. Angela’s trial, when it occurred had a jury of eight blacks, one of Chinese extraction, a naturalized Indian citizen, and two whites. Rather than the not guilty verdict Bill Gonne expected, Angela Apatatos was convicted of murder in the second degree and sentenced to 25 years in prison; Christos Apatatos received 10 years in his trial. Ten-year-old Ruth Apatatos was placed in the custody of Christos’ parents and returned with them to Greece.

    Here's a little more of the story so far. If people don't like it, then I'll stop.

    Bill Gonne was not alone in his outrage. Many other white, American citizens felt the verdicts in the Apatatos cases were biased. Had Jamal Jackson been white, they insisted, there would have been no charges, arrests, or trials.

    Even so, most white Americans went about their business as usual. They never gave a thought that what was normal to them would have been unspeakably abnormal 20 years earlier.

    For instance, they thought nothing of the fact that, in order to go shopping at grocery store, you could not just walk into the store and begin shopping. Entrances and exits were tightly controlled. Often you had to call in advance; either by telephone or logging into the store’s website. Many stores rewarded customers who provided lists of items they wanted so that employees could collect them prior to the customer’s arrival. This reduced a customer’s in-store processing time; some stores offered delivery service.

    The reason for this change in commercial behavior was due to the rise of flash robberies committed by “youths” who were predominantly black (but one could never say this overtly without being labeled a “racist”). Insurance companies began to greatly increase the premiums of businesses selling to the public. Those premiums were reduced every nine months stores went without filing a theft loss claim. Businesses got the message: ramp up security or lose money.

    When stores were no longer so easy to rob, then home invasions increased. Again the insurance companies spoke and home owners’ policies began to rise unless adequate security measures were installed. Home owners were at a disadvantage as the definition of “adequate security measures” was purposely vague in order to leave insurance companies an “out” regarding the payment of claims. This meant that, unless the home owner had the latest state of the art home security system, insurance companies would not honor claims for theft. Since these systems were very expensive and constantly evolving, many victims often received no compensation.

    If one believed the mainstream media, then one would believe violent crime was in decline; however, the numbers of muggings, rapes, murders and so on were relative to what was being reported. As the middle class continued to shrink, most of the crimes committed against its members – the crimes reported by the media – also appeared to be at a nadir. The reality of the new “normal” was that crime became a largely anonymous matter as society became increasingly de-sensitized to even the most brazen violations of public order.

    When stories were run, a common theme went like this: Victim A had his house broken into and the thieves stole a gun the victim owned for self-protection. Then Victim B was murdered with the gun stolen from Victim A. Politicians capitalized on this theme in pushing through greater amounts of gun-control legislation such as those in Illinois which impacted the Apatatos’.

    Bill Gonne was like most white Americans. In January 2017 he was 35 years old. For most of his life he lived under Republican presidents and the Democrats who were in office weren’t much different from the Republicans they replaced. He was taught in school that “diversity is America’s greatest strength.” He learned to “hate the haters” and believed that being white was nothing of great importance.

    Bill was made to read Orwell’s Animal Farm in college and it was meant to teach him the evils of communism. While it made no great impression on him at the time, he remembered enough of it so that when his nephew Aaron gave him a re-write of the story called Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres he began to see the moral of the story in a new light.

    The book was written by a man who called himself “Seymour Light” and it was a self-published work. No major bookseller would dare carry it. It was a well-written attack on the outcome of 50 years of government sponsored integration and enforced diversity. The characters were from Orwell’s novel, but the political spin was straight out of American history and experience.

    Since he first read Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres in 2011, Bill began to see his environment in a different light. It was if he were a visitor from Mars. Bill Gonne strove to drop his long-taught assumptions about the society he lived in.
    Therefore, when the verdicts in the Apatatos’ cases were announced, Bill was not outraged for a day and an hour. He was determined not to forget and fall asleep again.

    “Seymour Light” was the pen name used by Colin Fitzpatrick when he wasn’t writing under his byline as a reporter for a large Chicago newspaper. Colin was a rarity in the journalism trade in that his politics did not veer left of center. People wouldn’t know this from reading his stories in the paper: in order to keep his job his prose followed the American Society of Newspaper Editors party line. For every story he wrote, there were at least ten others he wanted to write but could not do so openly.

    Colin was 50 years old at the time he wrote Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres. He was 38 when his wife and daughter were killed when a black drug dealer trying to evade arrest drove his car at high speed into an intersection just in time to broadside their car.

    When he wrote as “Seymour,” Colin usually wrote on taboo subjects dealing with race, politics, and government. His essays were circulated samizdat-style. His method was to write his pieces on one side of a sheet of paper; on the other side was an advert for a fictitious band called “Shub-Niggurath” playing at venues in and around Chicago. The addresses given were of local cemeteries. He’d post the adverts on telephone poles and other similar spots.

    His friends and acquaintances familiar with his real life views then would find the adverts, take them down, copy the essays, and circulate them in their own fashion. Colin never knew exactly how many readers “Seymour” had, but he gained an appreciation of how far his writings travelled when a story about diversity in the military in the Fort Bliss Monitor mentioned a soldier facing disciplinary action. The soldier was found in possession of a collection of essays by “Seemore Light.” Despite the typo, Colin was impressed.

    By the time Colin finished writing Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres in April 2010, he knew that he couldn’t distribute it the same way as his essays. He went on the internet to Woo-Who? Publishing and uploaded it. In his next essay he gave the details of where his readers could buy a copy. A month later he was amazed to learn that 10,500 copies had been sold. Six months after that, at the end of the year, 100,250 copies had been printed and sold.

    The popularity of Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres brought Colin problems he hadn’t anticipated. He thought his book would never run more than a thousand copies at most.

    First, the income from sales needed to be routed away from him – “Seymour” couldn’t cash the checks and Colin couldn’t be connected with “Seymour.” This was easily enough done: Colin simply told Woo-Who Publishing to give all his proceeds to a charity notorious for purchasing consumer debts from banks for pennies on the dollar. Instead of going to debt collectors, this charity publicly burned the debt instruments from the banks. Colin believed banks and credit card companies preyed on foolish and sometimes desperate people, so he cheerfully gave away what he earned from Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres.

    The next problem came from the buzz surrounding the book. The liberal critics who reviewed it did so unwillingly. They lambasted it as more racist than The Turner Diaries. Conservative pundits unfailingly missed the point of the story: that the animals preferred the company of their own kinds and that the pigs’ enforced integration and diversity sowed the disharmony which ultimately led to the collapse of the Animal Revolution. Colin feared he would be exposed as the author and consequently become besieged by unwanted attention from all quarters.

    "The only victim was the government." - Michael Franzese
    " A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women." - Unknown
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    And the remainder, as I couldn't get it in one post.

    In 2011, 150,000 copies of Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres were sold. In 2012 another 160,000 copies were sold. Young whites especially liked it for the simple, obvious truths it contained about respect and loyalty. By 2013 the graying advocates of multiculturalism were truly alarmed.

    In the end, Colin was right to be afraid of publicity. The FBI was called in to find and neutralize the author of Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres. In April 2013, federal agents planted child pornography on Colin’s personal computer. He was subsequently “outed” as Seymour Light and then arrested for possession of said child porn. His computer was seized and the hidden files on his computer containing the porn were revealed as proof of his guilt.

    Anyone with half a brain would have recognized this as a political hatchet job. Colin never had a chance. Six weeks after his arrest he was found dead in his cell. His case never made it to trial.

    As a certified public accountant, Bill Gonne was used to dealing with tax law changes every year. As a senior tax preparation specialist, this went with the territory. Until he read Farmer Jones’ Forty Acres he never really related tax law to social policy. When the First Time Homebuyer’s Credit was first passed into law, he lamented at how shoddily it was written.

    Then the clients came in wanting to claim the credit. His tax prep firm was told by the head office not to question these claims. This was the government’s job: Bill’s job was simply to push the claims through.
    In the beginning, clients weren’t even required to provide proof that they’d actually closed on a home. This lasted about six months before Congress realized there was a problem and started requiring the IRS to obtain proof before releasing the credit.

    One afternoon in August, 2011, a junior tax prep specialist referred a case to his desk. The claimant was an African-American male in his mid 40’s. He could not speak Standard English to save his own life. The case involved a claim for the First Time Homebuyer Credit where a land contract was involved – an installment sale essentially. The reason it was referred to Bill was because of the contract itself. When he saw it, Bill had to restrain himself until the client left the room.

    “You saw the memo from the head office just as I did,” Bill snarled at his subordinate. “Push the fucker through!”

    The contract was a semi-legible hand-written scrawl on lined writing paper. After the client left, Bill laughed for twenty minutes straight; he feared if he stopped laughing, then he would have a stroke.

    It came as no surprise to Bill Gonne when, in early 2013, an amnesty was passed for taxpayers who couldn’t abide by the terms of the First Time Homebuyer Credit. Those who had already repaid the credit were refunded; those who were in collections had their cases dropped.

    In 2014 came the Living Wage Self-Employment Credit. This, in part, was a nod to recognizing the fact that many well-paying blue collar jobs were gone forever. The intent was to spare people who created their own jobs from the burden of paying the employer and employee’s share of the social security and Medicare tax.

    The law was so poorly written that all it did was allow Earned Income Credit recipients to keep more of that credit. Self-employed taxpayers who made more than the qualifying amount for EIC received no benefit from the Living Wage Self-Employment Credit.

    “Affirmative Action” took another step forward in 2015 with the passage of the African American Job Protection Act. Part of this legislation provided a tax credit for employers to retain blacks on their payrolls. The logic behind the law was that blacks were over represented in the nation’s prisons because they were the last hired and first fired in America’s economy. While some wits dubbed it the “Tar Baby Act” (the idea being that once you hired a black, you couldn’t afford to fire him or her), most liberals hailed it as an innovative solution to prison overcrowding. They also boasted their law reduced operating costs as keeping blacks in jobs was less expensive than housing them in prisons.

    The bewildering assortment of new rules and laws caused Bill Gonne no end of headaches and angry clients. The fiscal irresponsibility at first seemed to have a positive impact, but each time economic reality reasserted itself. By 2016, Bill determined that America was doomed. After the Apatatos verdict, he decided that the best thing for whites would be for the government to receive a mercy-killing.

    Around the world a perfect storm was brewing by January 2017.

    First came the fall of the House of Sa’ud. The Arab Spring was now the Arab Summer. The conclusion of the Syrian civil war with the defeat of the Bashar al-Assad dictatorship in 2013 meant that there were fewer dominos to fall in the Arab Street. In that same year on October, 31 came the death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. The crown prince, Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was in no condition to assume his role as the successor to the Sa’udi line. The same was true for most of the senior princes in the kingdom. The military was riddled with factions and dissent. The turmoil over succession continued until a new chief, Raimam Azurkot arose and, in a popular revolution, ended Sa’udi rule in December, 2016. The kingdom was no more; the country was once again simply known as “Arabia.”

    The shock of the loss of a certain US ally was further heightened when Raimam Azurkot placed a moratorium on the new government acquiring any further US debt instruments and announced a 20-year divestment plan to rid the Arabian treasury of US treasury bills and notes. He further implemented bank reforms which made Arabian currency the currency by which Arabian oil could be purchased. This effectively undermined the position of the US dollar world-wide and the days when the US could maintain a trade deficit with the rest of the world was over.

    In China things were coming to a slow boil. The long policy of one child per family was aging the population dramatically and the burden of many pensioners relying on fewer working age Chinese became grave. To pay for this, workers began realizing less and less take home pay which started to touch off strikes around the country. The regime did what it needed to pacify the working class: it started calling in its debts from the USA.

    The United Kingdom showed signs of disapproval when the United States began inflating its currency to escape from under its debt. In a speech before parliament, the Prime Minister announced that the Chancellor of the Exchequer would meet with his opposite member in the Federal Reserve to seek “alternatives” to resolve America’s debts with His Majesty’s government. Meanwhile, the situation in many of the UK’s major cities was no different than that in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Oakland, or Sacramento.

    The winter and spring of 2017 saw a number of important events; most notably, the repatriation to US soil of American forces previously stationed in Europe. The former nations of NATO, with Germany chief among them, demanded changes in their status of forces agreements which significantly raised taxes and insurance rates paid by the US government for the stationing of its troops in the host countries. This was, in part, a response to the economic crisis in the European Union, but nevertheless the terms were unacceptable to the USA, so the military presence was reduced to embassy posts only.

    In February 2017, an incident in Okinawa involving 50 black Marines caused the island to erupt. Fifteen school girls between 12 and 14 years old were abducted and gang-raped at a drunken weekend party. Those charged were sent stateside for trial and, on average, received more lenient sentences than would have been the case had they stood trial in Okinawa.

    On February 21, 2017 a communiqué was issued by the Women’s League of Okinawa stating:

    “Once again, black American GIs have raped Okinawan girls; this time all from the same junior high. We are angry at the American military establishment for recruiting the uncultured filth of America’s ghettos and posting those same miscreants among us. We do not believe all US Marines are rapists, but we are not blind to the long history of similar crimes over the many years since the Battle of Okinawa continuing to today.

    “We know that this incident is only different from all the others in terms of scale. There have been so many rape victims who have told no one and wept silently in shame. But those days are now over.

    “In the past we appealed many times for justice; only to see criminal GIs escape from our laws under the status of forces agreement. Black American GI: you may think that this island belongs to you, and you can do as you please here. You may even think you’re protecting Okinawa. We say to you, because you are here, we never feel safe on our streets. You are not welcome here.

    “American military establishment: for too long you have treated Okinawa as your country club. The beaches, golf courses, swimming pools, gyms, and other recreational facilities reserved for your use come at the expense of Okinawans who never had a say in how their land would be used. Yet even this is not enough for you. Outside the gates of your bases there are bars and brothels teeming with noise, sexual violence, and drug use. The streets there are scenes of drunk-driving crashes, and crime. Your bases produce untold amounts of environmental pollution. We have had enough. The Cold War is over. It is time for you and your kokujin monkeys to leave.”

    The Women’s League of Okinawa was immediately denounced by the US military and Western media as racist for singling out black GIs. Surely there were bad GIs of every description?

    Even so, a month after the communiqué, an Okinawan cop pulled over a vehicle for speeding near Kadena High School. An altercation occurred and the driver, a black Marine named Lucius Williams was killed. The officer was hailed as a local hero.

    Tensions on Okinawa mounted. All US military personnel were confined to their bases. In the meantime, the Women’s League of Okinawa appealed to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to formally recognize the US occupation of Okinawa as being the primary cause of human rights violations against women and children there.

    With US influence on the wane elsewhere, and as part of a debt renegotiation deal, the appeal worked. By the middle of May, orders were given to begin the evacuation of US forces from Okinawa, South Korea, and other bases in and around Japan.

    On May 29, 2017 Hurricane Anna made landfall in the area of Washington, DC. Because of rising sea levels, the storm was particularly devastating. The Potomac quickly rose to flood the low parts of Alexandria, Georgetown, and Southeast DC. The river covered Hains Point, East Potomac Park, and the land separating the Tidal Basin from the river. The Tidal Basin overflowed, flooding the World War II Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. Rising water flowed north along 17th Street, pooling at the edge of the Ellipse. Then it poured down Constitution Avenue into the Federal Triangle area, flooding most of the buildings bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, Constitution Avenue, and 15th Street.

    The storm caused so much devastation that it was questionable whether; given the means available to the government, it would be possible to restore the city as the seat of the Federal power. In an emergency session of Congress and approved by the president, a decision was made to temporarily relocate government operations to Omaha, Nebraska.

    "The only victim was the government." - Michael Franzese
    " A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women." - Unknown


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      I like it so far. Lots of realism in the events.