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Greatest literary works and how they relate today

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  • Greatest literary works and how they relate today

    I believe what the average high school graduate lacks is a common knowledge of civics and history, which explains the recent rise of socialism and socialist beliefs among millennials in America. Throughout history, one pattern is certain....

    Socialism leads to communism, communism leads to dictatorship, dictatorship leads to oppression.

    Orwell's 1984
    To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.
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    Most young people who support socialism have been brought up in well do to families, and have never experienced the austerity that socialism creates.

    My class read Animal Farm in 8th grade, it started with all animals are equal, then became "some animals are more equal than others".

    We see that in today's elitism. The globalist elites like Trudeau, Macron, others preach green energy and impose a carbon tax, but still fly their gas sucking government jets.
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    "The only victim was the government." - Michael Franzese
    " A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women." - Unknown


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      My son was raised conservative.After a couple of years at the university he is now a socialist.They teach this crap now.The commies said school is where they would change this country.


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        For us old farts, everything said above is true. Fast forward to today's younger generation nowadays, know nothing of these books, the teachings of these books or ideology. Everything around us today is being shaped and molded into the ideals of current day Hollywood, MSM and liberal influence. Personally, I think what's happening is our younger generation is being brought up as robots and coerced into appeasing the mass influence of liberalism. Gone are the days where one can read a book and be able to use one's own interpretation to perceive one's own views.


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          I remember my first grade teacher making us memorize Bible verses! She got in big trouble for it, too. Can you imagine trying that now?? It would be national headlines.
          Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16


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            It is all an old trick and it's the same wars like ever. It's between rich and poor but also between healthy and sick and good and evil; the smart and the stupid. Nothing in the universities is allowed to be taught except it is allowed. Everything follows it's purpose. Just look at all the circus they do when a "nobody" like this Milo dude wants to give a speech. There is nothing out there except it is wanted like it is. Socialism was invented by the elites to fool the masses. That's why it is promoted, since it "worked" in the past. The aim of socialism is to keep people poor and angry, so as to control them while they do slave work.

            As for the eco taxes and white guilt, these are "replacements" for the gone religiosity in the west. They are a continuation of the pay-for-guilt scheme and a mixture with crazy earth/gaia worship. If they go on like that long enough, they will sacrifice humans to their blood gods like the incas or the mayas did on their pyramids.


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              To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.


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                Orwell: "That book was supposed to be fiction!"