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Black Joy. It comes from anger.

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  • Black Joy. It comes from anger.


    Joy is the human expression of gratitude, laughter, and celebration. Black joy, specifically, situates itself within the Black experience, often as it relates to our collective self-preservation in the face of constant racism and trauma. As a Black woman, I can experience joy and Black joy simultaneously. Black joy is an affirmation of our humanity, our breath, our love, our laughter. But Black joy couldn’t exist without the presence of anger.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    That entire news article is just pure crap. Lets see... true meaning of nigger joy is when:
    1) Niggers are causing injury and harm upon helpless white children and the elderly
    2) Niggers are free to roam about, loot and cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage
    3) Niggers receiving hundreds and thousands of dollars in food stamps and other free gibs (courtesy of hard working humans who are forced to pay taxes)
    4) Niggers getting away with harassing law enforcement and forcing law enforcement to take aggressive measures to wrangle niggers in an attempt to create tension
    5) Niggers pretending to be innocent victims of ebil humans
    6) Niggers claiming the color of their skin as to be the reason why humans hate niggers

    The list can go on forever...


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      This shows their pure arrogance.

      The have it with their Black xyz...
      Always feeling special and entitled. Just like they add a B in LMAO to make it LMBAO.

      They are obsessed useless eaters. Completly delusional and self-absorbed.
      All those kind of things and "ideas" can only arise from their human alimented lazyness.

      And... practicing yoga! Well, I prefer not to comment it.