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'White Supremacist' OK Hand Gesture Removed From 'Call of Duty' Games

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  • 'White Supremacist' OK Hand Gesture Removed From 'Call of Duty' Games

    The OK hand gesture is a white supremacist sign (beside being masonic or meaning the number of the beast 666).


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    In SNL in the early 80's didn't Eddie Murphy use that sign with playing Buckwheat? He'd say "O-tay," then use that sign. How fucking stupid that the ok sign is racist. Who made that stupid rule up anyway?


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      It started as a joke on 4chan forums and spread through trolling on social media. The MSM took the bait and broadcasted they found a secret sign how racists communicate. Once the joke was in the wild, some alt-right dudes and normies made the OK sign just for the fun of trolling. The australian who shot up the green screen mosque in NZ made the sign when he was in court. MSM and SPLC noticed that and the sign became certified racism.

      The MSM and SPLC know exactly that they are lying. They just found another tool or reason to divide public opinion and make racism a living thing. It's a tool for multiple uses: be paranoid of all humans that use hand gestures, inflating hate crime statistics, inventing new taboos and prohibitions, increasing the amount of targeted and ostracised individuals, creating an ambiance of surveillance and denunciation. New pseudo-nanny rules that help in conditioning humans to give up their rights. Intimidation. It helps them to be bullies. "It's only racist when white people do it". It is a new stigma.

      Or simpler said they found out they could make a tool of power and opression out of that joke.

      Notice that when KKK members drive beautiful cars, the car manufacturers are not racist YET. When a racist uses public transportation, nobody talks about prohibiting trains or busses.


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        The world has gone fucking bananas.
        To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.