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Young Americans don't know what 4th July is.

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  • Young Americans don't know what 4th July is.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    They are brain washed in school.I remember when my boomer generation really knew what the 4th was about.I hope you young folks here teach your children well.


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      I remember it being a graduation requirement that students recite the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. These idiots can't even address an envelope... I'm old.


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        I almost thought it was a Mark Dice video.
        Most Americans don't know what gender they are.
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        "The only victim was the government." - Michael Franzese
        " A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women." - Unknown


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          Those stupid useless masks. A virus is 10,000 times too small to be filtered out of a useless mask like those twaty panty masks.

          Well and the naked people... It must be global warming! Da police, da raycism... Like in those computer games, where you create your own viruses to dumb humans down.

          1964,from the 1800s ?! 17 something (best answer)

          The industrial revolution! <- That's oddly true! It were the times when Benjamin Franklin was in England and observed that the workers in a shoe factory were walking bare foot because they were so poor they could not afford their own shoes. The American Revolution took the industrial revolution into account, but it took a bit of time. That's because good old England kept a lot of the means of productions on it's main island. There was also the not so well planned invasion of Canada that turned into a fiasco for the US. One other thing the US got wrong was that they voted for English instead of German to be the official language

          First of all the US wanted to be free, no contracts with outsiders. But things turned nasty when the US ships had to travel towards and/or through the Mediterranean Sea to do some trade. Travelling humans including some US citizens and their ships got attacked by crazy muzzies. The so called Barbary states. Like muzzies do since everytime; they love to be rapists, robbers, murderers and so on. Enslaved, sold on the markets, to the harems, maybe castrated: the fate of those US sailors and families were not forgotten by the early leaders in America. So the US founded it's first most prestigious institution called the US Navy, to destroy the barbary fucking states! Yeah, and it worked!

          Nevertheless, after destroying much of the slave trade and barbary power in the med sea, the US went back to business as usual. Don't worry about that, it's the typical US back and forth style in history. The barbaries would continue their filthy trades, but would not dare to mess with the US again most of the time. A few decades later the army of Napoléon the 3rd conquered Algiers, freeing some 40.000 christian white slaves in the process and in that city alone! They don't teach you that in school, do they? The average life expectancy of a white slave in north africa was something between 3 to 9 months. They were worked to death like in nazi concentration camps and worse.

          Those that survived castration (two percent, 2%), would be sold for a very high price. At least, but that's not very good news either, white slaves were worth twice the price of a black slave in muzzy countries. An eunuch's price would be something like at least ten to twenty times the normal price of a slave, because....... They have no balls and only their brains left, and are forced to complete and unconditional fidelity. Wow! Nigger eunuchs could be fearsome warriors and suddenly discover they have a brain; just by being castrated and redirecting their sexual energies to their peanut brains could make magic niggers out of them.

          Meanwhile in the US, the situation was the opposite: a white slave was only worth half the price of a black slave. Because of life expectancy. Whites would die of hard labor in a few months, while niggers would be funny with it and survive until TODAY.