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    Been two months...Floyd arrests records still not on national or local new...Floyd arrested 8 times for drugs, 1 arrest for a home invasion he dress in city workers uniform, put a gun to a pregnant lady belly and requested cash...Floyd was caught driving the get away car. Served 5 years in prison. The new MLK...another pure....
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    Floyd died as he lived.. Breaking the law,high on drugs and in police custody!!!


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      He died from an overdose after commiting a crime. The msm and politicians cover his past up because they want to abuse the situation as much as possible to spread division, chaos and anarchy. They want to create division whatever the outcome of the trial might be. Same for the three guys who stopped the criminal jogger and other cases.

      It's always whitey who is guilty and all whites are guilty, because of racism. Niggers chimp and commit crimes so let's blame whitey for everything. The chimps and the brainwashed will not become reasonable: they are under a magic spell.

      In fact it's a top-down revolution, together with the corona hype. It's a great robbery of our freedoms, belongings and lifes. They destroy our economy, history, culture, peace and society in general. TV stations know exactly what they are doing, when they broadcast graphic videos and what the outcomes are when they manipulate what they show. Those riots have been incited by the msm, some rich guys' NGOs and politicians. And there is also the problem with the brainwashing in education. All that stupid talk about "defund the police" would not be possible without brainwashing. It is all built on lies and constant repetition.


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        JQUEST, welcome to Chimpout!


        OpenPeanut, you're 100% correct!

        Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16


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          Wecome Jquest, yeah, expect this to be milked as much as humanly possible


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            Welcome to Chimpout!
            . To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.