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Has the whole world gone insane!

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  • Has the whole world gone insane!

    I don't want to post something that is not true or without a some sort of source. But I heard that the niggers now wanted to ban chess because the white player goes first? King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn. Nope! No nigger in that line up. It might have been Greg Guttfield joking. I wasn't watching the tv at the time. Next it will be the piano. More white keys that black.

    Sorry I did find a link to it!

    Last edited by Bentley; 06-28-2020, 07:38 PM.
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    Chess has always been a game of white vs black 'chess' pieces and normally white always do go first in a true chess game. But what do niggers know of chess anyways? There's several other things that are black and white like a piano, soccer ball, a zebra, a pair of dice and a white tiger to name a few.


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      It's hard to tell when the Loony Left is joking and when they are serious.


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        Blame the internet,cable tv,cell-phones and video games.We were better off without this crap.Life was more simple and we made it just fine.


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          Everyone is so scared of their own damn shadow. Scared to death of offending someone over the dumbest shit. I've been pulled into the office for the boss to give me a good scolding more than once. I cant say nigger, spic, wop, greaser, fag, queer, and to add to that. I cant say redneck or hillbilly either. Land of the free


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            I'm banned right now on shit-book for saying white trash.Don't care.