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Riots prove one thing beyond doubt.

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  • Riots prove one thing beyond doubt.

    If there was ever a question in anyone's mind if niggers can be a productive part of the human world, these riots and looting will show that without strict law enforcement in place it does not take much for the niggers to decompensate into the savages that are part of their DNA.

    We all know the chimpouts going around currently are not a protest, but an opportunity for most of them to destroy things, and to steal. In a civilized white world stores rarely would need alarms even during a long blackout.

    I lived in Europe in the late 60s and early 70s and a white population would never behave like the niggers do here. Yes, white countries have criminals as well, but nothing compared to what niggers are as a group.

    All this is evident in the fact that no matter how much assistance the nigger parts of Africa gets from civilized society, niggers will continue to be and to live like niggers.

    I realize that I'm preaching to the choir here, but sometimes it's good to just vent to like minded individuals.
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    No you're not preaching to the choir everything you said is the absolute truth.


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      The usual suspects in the media always pushing that "Thug Life" bullshit to the niggers justifying their crazy ape behaviour is the root of the problem. Plus niggers don't fear us anymore.


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        Black lives do not matter. They will never ever be a productive part of society, only a burden. Imagine how much taxes you would save without them here. No welfare. Decreased crime. Less murders, rapes, thefts, ect. They were the worst import ever brought into this nation.


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          Black Lives Fecal Matter !


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            Boy, am I glad I don't live in Atlanta tonight. Category 5 chimpout tonight. The household is staying up late tonight to watch this. How soon do you think before the NG and/or regular army is called in?


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              Why do they always set fires? Is that from Africa or something? Fire scares the hell out of me. j


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                Looks like everytime a nigger criminal is made good by the cops now, chimpouts will follow. This is the price for giving them free money, food and housing. Too much time on their paws, so they get a lot of chimpout time.


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                  I think there is going to huge backlash to this - eventually, welfare, affirmative action and progressive programs will totally cease and the niggers will really, finally get equal treatment as whites. They won't like it, but they'll probably refugee voluntarily back to Africa. I see Ghana is inviting the niggers home right now.


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                    The establishment is forcing it's will on humanity. They erode all freedoms by either abandoning their taxpayers to negro-communist mobs, that are genocidal and totalitarian - or to force us into a orwellian police state as logical reaction. Either no police at all, or total StaSi. That's the choice that they want to give you. In the end it will be both at the same time with apefirmative action commies as the new police; to prevent racism of course.


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                      Niggers will always do whatever they can get away with, however low it is. They've figured out that they can get away with looting and rioting, and that the establishment will make excuses for them and their "righteous anger." So they'll keep smashing windows and emptying stores as long as we let them. Problem isn't niggers, they're just being niggers, but all the white faggots that enable them.


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                        direct result of nigger coddling. It will never stop and only continue to get worse. What I dont understand is why they were left to just do whatever whenever. Why did it get that bad, why not stop it when it started, oh thats why. The people wanted a libtard govt. so thats exactly what they got. And they cant figure out what the problem is.


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                          Great to see whites who belived we are all alike they sing a diffrent tune now.One can actually speak up now without being shouted down.My truth is welcome now,great!