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Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 12: Zambia (NutNice)

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  • Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 12: Zambia (NutNice)


    Location:Southern Africa
    Capital: Lusaka
    Ethnic Groups:99% Niggers
    GDP (Total):$13.025 Billion
    GDP (Per Capita):$1,000
    Main Industries:
    What is now known as Zambia was inhabited since Biblical times
    by successive tribes of barbaric, uncivilized niggers, such as the
    Khoisan, Tonga and Nkoya. Portuguese explorer Francisco de
    Lacerda was the first European to visit the area, in the 18th
    century. David Livingstone explored the area in the 1850s, and in
    the late 19th century, the British South Africa Company colonized
    the area under the leadership of explorer Cecil Rhodes. It would
    come to be known as Northern Rhodesia.

    Northern Rhodesia was a prosperous, British, white-ruled colony as
    part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The niggers,
    however, started their inevitable niggerwhine and told whitey "GIBS
    MUH DATT". After years of chimpouts and nigger bullshit, the
    British gave up and Northern Rhodesia became independent as
    the Republic of Zambia. Despite the fact that Zambia is very rich
    in minerals, the niggers, once again, turned a functional country
    into a living hell of poverty, violence and decay. However, they
    did succeed in creating the most important invention in nigger

    . For those of you who are
    on the internet now for the first time ever, jenkem is a way
    to get high which consists of putting excrement in a bottle, letting
    it ferment and then huffing the ensuing gasses to get high. Here's
    an excerpt on jenkem from the BBC:
    They are manufacturing "Jenkem", a disgusting, noxious mixture
    made from fermented sewage. It is cheap, potent and very
    popular among the thousands of street-children in Lusaka. When
    they cannot afford glue or are too scared to steal petrol, these
    youngsters turn to Jenkem as a way of getting high.

    "It lasts about an hour", says one user, 16-year-old Luke Mpande,
    who prefers Jenkem to other substances.

    "With glue, I just hear voices in my head. But with Jenkem, I see
    visions. I see my mother who is dead and I forget about the
    problems in my life."

    Zambia's only invention, and main industry.

    LOL!!1! Leave it to the wild, feral niggers to suddenly become
    brilliant inventors when it comes to finding a way, any way, of getting
    fucked up, even if it means inhaling the gas from your own
    fermented feces. Not surprisingly, Zambia is your typical African
    failed nation. Poverty and crime are rampant. Per Capita income
    for Zambian niggers is half of what it was when the country
    became independent (so how's life without YT working out, coons?)
    More than one in seven adults in Zambia has AIDS, and life
    expectancy hovers around 42 years. According to aid organization
    Avert, the first case of AIDS in Zambia was reported in 1984. Just
    one year later, 18% of hospital patients in the capital were HIV

    In conclusion, Zambia = EPIC FAIL.

    Sources: Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, BBC, Avert.org

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    May I suggest a fine scholarly compendium of the antics of the nigger?
    For your edification:
    This is the book at Internet Archive.
    On my many flash drives I have this, and so much more!
    Be well
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      Negroes in Negroland. A literary masterpiece


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        An epic peer reviewed study in negronomy. Thank you sir.