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Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 27: Central African Republic (NutNice)

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  • Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 27: Central African Republic (NutNice)

    Central African Republic

    Location: Central Africa, oddly enough
    Capital: Bangui
    Population: 4,216,666
    Ethnic Groups: Niggers, 100%
    Gross Domestic Product: $3.102 billion
    GPD Per Capita: $726
    Main Industries: Subsistence agriculture, diamonds, homemade hooch
    The fetid backwater which is now known as the Central African Republic (or
    was long isolated from the rest of Africa--and the world--due to its remote location.
    Niggers moved into the area as long ago as 1000 BC, although this is debatable.
    Muslim traders made inroads into the region in the 1800s, with the French establishing
    a settlement in Bangui in 1889. European rule did little to dampen the local nigger
    chiefs' enthusiasm for the slave trade (this consisted mostly of niggers selling niggers
    as slaves to other niggers). Despite the remoteness of the Bangui colony and the
    endless monkeyshines from the local ape population, the colony was modestly
    successful and productive under French rule. But if you've read enough of these
    Atlas entries, you already know what's coming next.

    Nigglet from the Central African Republic, who has mistaken an old lamp for a hat.

    In 1960, the colony gained its independence as the Central African Republic. The niggers
    began wrecking the place in fairly short order, as they always do when they are handed
    something to run on their own. The coontry's second president, David Dacko (or moar
    liek David Wacko, amirite?) was overthrown by "Colonel" Jean Bedel Bokassa, a nigger
    as insane and depraved as any African strongman. Bokassa's rule was the typical
    African circus of TNB, brutality, torture and flat-out batshit insanity. Bokassa abolished
    the constitution and dissolved the legislature, and was fond of murdering and torturing
    his opponents. Once, after meeting Qaddafi of Lybia, he decided to convert to Islam,
    only to convert back to Catholicism later. In 1976, Bokassa broke the record for Most
    Insane Nigger Ruler in the World by proclaiming the CAR to be a monarchy (he renamed
    the country to "Central African Empire") and crowning himself Emperor (literally; he
    put the crown on his head himself). The crowning ceremony cost many millions of
    dollars and pissed away what little money the country's treasury had left. None of
    the many foreign leaders who were invited to the ceremony showed up.

    Bokassa's repression became too much for his starving nigger subjects to handle. In
    1979, niggers rioted against the government's policy of making school "children" wear
    expensive, mandatory uniforms. About a hundred coons were killed by the "Emperor's"
    goons, with Bokassa killing some of the niggers himself by beating them to death on
    the street with his cane. Shortly thereafter, French forces helped ovethrow the insane
    nigger bastard, who went into exile and died in 1996. The CAR remained one of the
    poorest, most backwards shitholes on the planet. It is plagued by hunger, civil violence
    and bongo parties. It was briefly in the news in 2004 when Haitian nigger Prezidint Jean
    Bertrand Aristide was dumped in the CAR by the United States after a giant chimpout
    broke out in Haiti. Aristide didn't stay long, as the CAR openly stated that they had
    no money to host him for very long and Aristide found the country too backward for
    him. And this guy came from
    The CAR is basically a black hole (no pun
    intended) in the universe of FAIL that is Africa.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16