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Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 11: Kenya (NutNice)

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  • Chimpout's Nigger World Atlas, Page 11: Kenya (NutNice)


    Location:Eastern Africa
    Capital: Nairobi
    Population: 37,953,838
    Ethnic groups: Niggers, 99%, Humans, 1%
    GDP (Total):$48.33 billion (ranked 79th)
    GPD (Per Capita):$1,445 (ranked 156th)
    Main Industries:Marathon-running, producing Badcrack Obongo, chimpouts

    Koonya was supposed to be a model Afreakan nation; it is instead
    one of the largest, stinkiest piles of fail in the whole world.
    It is the site of violent, politically-motivated chimpouts, fetid
    slums, rampant corruption and all the usual shit you will find
    in a monkey-dominated nation. It is also the motherland (moar
    like motherfucker-land, amirite?) of Badcrack Obongo's father.
    One of Obongo's half-brothers still lives in Kenya, in total
    misery, getting into fistfigths with other niggers over a week-old
    piece of KFC. Apparently his super-rich brudda can't spare him
    a few bucks (lol, bucks).

    Koonya's pre-European history is about as interesting as that
    of most other nigger nations. Cushitic peoples, very likely from
    North Africa (and almost certainly not niggers), came into the area
    around 2000BC, with Arab traders making their presence felt on
    the coast around the 1st century AD. The Kenyan coast became a
    trading hub...for Arab trade. The Portuguese were the first
    Europeans to visit Kenya (Vasco de Gama dropped by in 1498).
    The Arabs ruled city-states all along the coast for many
    decades, until the 1880s, when the British secured control
    over the area.
    Nairobi's Business District.

    The Koonyan apes decided they got tired of YT providing
    them with health care, technology and food and staged the
    Mau Mau rebellion during the 1950s. It wasn't so much a
    rebellion as a colossal chimpout, during which the feral
    coons killed many innocent humans with extreme brutality.
    Some heroic humans fought bravely against the smelly creatures
    with clever tactics, such as wearing blackface and not
    bathing (so that they could look and smell like niggers) and
    infiltrating the Mau Mau camps. The coons were then totally
    pwned. However, the British government decided to betray
    the humans living in Kenya and gave in to the wild apes'
    demands. Koonya was made independent in 1963. Things would
    get a lot worse after independence, as they usually do when
    a bunch of feral monsters are allowed to run a country.

    The capital of Nairobi is well-known for being a crime-ridden
    shithole, even by Afreakan standards; it has even been
    nicknamed "Nairobbery" (lol). Fraud-plagued elections in
    December of 2007 caused numerous violent bongo parties and
    chimpouts, which killed over 1,000 simians in this "stable,
    democratic" African country. Kenya is home to some wildlife
    preserves where people can come into contact with (non nigger)
    animals. What is most amazing about these nature preserves
    is that the coons haven't eaten all the animals and washed
    them down with grape Kool Aid.

    Koonya recently won 5 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics,
    all of them in the typical nigger-dominated running events. They
    won no medals in any sport that required any skills such
    as strategy, coordination or constant practice...just running.
    It's believed that the Koonyan athletes trained by chasing
    a bottle of jenkem which was strapped to a cheetah's back.

    Sources: Wikipedia, National Vanguard, CIA World Factbook.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16
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    Really awesome report. One of the Wildlife parks in Koonya is the Selous game reserve. Fredrick Selous was a human Englishman who was killed in WW1 but his story is the most amazing life of adventure.
    Sorry for posting a non nigger bashing comment , y’all.


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      Originally posted by OldDixie View Post
      Sorry for posting a non nigger bashing comment , y’all.
      No need to be sorry. Here is his Wiki page:


      Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16


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        Nigs gotta mess up what the humans setup. Got it good, things are set and then the gibs kick in. Instant chimpout over the gibs. I thought for a moment the pictures were Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago until I remembered it is a different third world.