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1: No Violence. Our freedom of speech ends when violent talk begins, so don't let some careless words be someone's chance to shut us down.

1st offense = Warning
2nd Offense = 5 day temporary ban
3rd Offense = Permanent ban

2: No Bashing Of Other Races. This means Jews, Muslims, etc. We are a niche site that only specializes in niggers and niggers only.

1st offense = Warning
2nd Offense = 5 day temporary ban
3rd Offense = Permanent ban

3: Fair Use Policy. Don't copy and paste an entire article. Just a few key sentences is enough. Also don't directly link to images on other sites, instead you can right click on the image, select copy, then paste the image in the forums.

4: No personal flaming of other members in the open forums. Keep it to PM's or emails.

5: No Pornographic Images of Any Kind. That's not why we built this site.

6: Alcohol and Drug Abuse will not be Accepted as an Excuse for Inappropriate Behavior. If you can't control yourself then don't get high or drunk before you visit this site.

7: NO NIGGERS are admitted here, under any circumstances.

8: Limit non-nigger bashing to coal burners/oil drillers, nigger lovers, faggots, and whiggers. We don't want to hear about the Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, Asians, Eskimos, etc. In other words, don't bash someone for their race or ethnicity unless it's a nigger.

9: No talk of civil uprisings, race wars, or the creation/advocacy of off-site, real-world movements. The purpose of this site is to give people a safe and friendly place to vent about the savage negroid beast and its enablers; we are not militants and we are not Nazis.

10: No Spam. Don't use Chimpout to advertise anything and don't spam our web address anywhere else. Don't advertise or recruit our members to your own site or channels/servers you made on third-party sites like Discord etc.

11: Don't waste our time by posting stupid one word posts (or smileys) in place of actual meaningful dialogue and please don't bomb threads or the shoutbox with too many messages of your own at once.

12: Challenging or harassing ANY staff member (Trustee, Riot Control, or Admin) will earn you an instant ban. We are very easy to reason with, but when that becomes impossible we will cut our losses and be rid of you.

13: Post avatars in good taste. Also, no hate group symbols in avatars (KKK, nooses, swastikas, hoods, Klansmen, burning crosses, SS, etc).

14: You must be at least 18 years of age to join (this applies no matter where you are from). If we discover you are underage or lied about your age, your account will be deleted, and your IP address will be banned.

15: No promotion of illegal activities of any kind.

16: No excessive nigger-babble
(it gets old fast) Also, the use of the word "APE" as part of a larger word like TeenAPErs, APElanta, APErrested, etc., is not funny so don't do it.

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DJ posted the TOS (This Thread). Not so bad. My interpretation we can faithfully carry out commenting on the the sick idea of homosexuals, and I assume this includes the alphabet soup (LGBTQZ-/s)?
NO ! we don't go after the faggots, queers, trannies, furries, lesbians, bi, tri neither and in-betweeners.
UNLESS they are niggers or nigger enablers, such as if a non binary bi sexual gender fluid teacher has a BLM or other nigger related anti white bullshit going on. Then yes, go for it, but remain within the rules, even when they are chanting we are coming for your kids. Unless there's some link to woggery then we steer clear of the queers.
However there usually IS a link to niggers somewhere in there but it's up to you to research and find it then post it, highlighting the link to the niggers.
Ysee Liberals are socialists, their strength is in their numbers. And they hate straight white men like us so they will accept any degenerate so long as they are anti white, anti capitalist, anti racist.

So look deeper. You'll be suprised what you discover.