More negro race swapping šŸ’©

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There will be a big backlash one day. One part of the public will continue devolving in cognitive dissonance while an other part - hopefully much greater - will start to wake up. The great replacement "theory". It's an euphemism for extermination that the wordsmiths from the dark side put out to advertise and hype their sinister goals, and added a "theory" to it once people started quoting. They probably discussed the appendage and the public's reactions long before they published anything.

New Minority

Actually, the agenda is the niggerfication of white culture.
Guilty of Being White is now a reality.
In this course, will they reverse races if they remade "Roots"?
I would like to see that.

Excerpt from the movie :
Slave master whipping slave (with races reversed) "Yous name be Sir Jamarkus Koonta kint tay and yous be a slabe!"

Slave : " No! My name is Eric Taylor , and I am a metallurgist, and a mechanical engineer and I pay my bills and taxes and have a retirement fund, and health insurance."

Okay perhaps some movies are safe, as that wouldn't work well.