Killing us softly with poison chemicals


For the most part, many cities in Indiana have a very large nigger population and the state of Indiana is basically next door to the shithole nigger-infested state of Illinois. I'll feel bad only for the humans who are inflicted with this, but should be very few, since a majority of humans out there are smart enough to consume only bottled water or using some kind of filtration system like Brita.

The one thing I see common around nigger town in the city where I live, is that niggers typically just pee and poop right where they stand and they don't understand that whatever seeps into the ground is likely going to end up in the city's water supply. I also see them just dumping engine oil right into the grass, etc... As for weed killers, pesticides, etc... that's something that can't be controlled, but instead of hiring niggers at the city's water treatment plants, chances are, the water quality coming into the homes might be better quality if they hire humans to maintain and control the water supply. These days, companies are doubling down on divershitty hires (i.e. niggers) and when you hire niggers to do important work, you get shotty quality.


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