Contraband Police

This is a nigger free game. Taking part in a fictitious commie eastern country in 1981, you are playing as a border guard. There are some bandits and rebels that may attack you at your post or on the roads when you transport prisoners and confiscated goods; you also take some detective jobs apparently (just had to solve a murder case).

The spoken language in the game is a creation of the game developers; it sounds like a mix of different Slavic and eastern languages, but they also make fun by putting in some stylized English expressions in it. Just my sense of humor.

It's not expensive for the look & feel and missions length, and it's a top-seller on steam right now.

For me the paper work and the attention, concentration are the hardest part. You overlook a flat tire and let him in... -150$. You sent him back with 3 flat tires but you should only when he has 4... -150$. False arrest is even more expensive. Let a fugitive go... expensive. Mistakes are punished, perfect jobs get better rewarded. Make sure to find all contraband, note all vehicle damages (don't forget the bumpers) or you won't get the full bonuses and perhaps miss out an early promotion...

Regulations can change daily, things that weren't allowed yesterday can be today and vice versa, new bureaucracy etc. and you also make choices that will have far reaching consequences (join the rebels or arrest your traitor colleague etc.).