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Thread: A Picture says a thousand words

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    A Picture says a thousand words

    Maybe you have seen this photo before, maybe not. It speaks a lot and humans should keep this in mind when they plan vacations to nigger infested areas, when they shop in areas frequented by nigger predators, and when they socialize and fraternize with animals.

    To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.

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    Look in the nigger's other paw. It stole a bottle of liquor from a bar!

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    That nigger's purse is bigger than the woman's.

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    I honestly don't understand why a nigger buck would find stealing a woman's purse of interest? What do nigger bucks even hope to benefit from women's makeup, tampons and any other women accessories inside the purse? And if it's money niggers are after, I haven't met any woman who actually carries cash in their purses. I believe the majority of them use credit cards, but maybe I could be wrong?

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