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    Yeah I lived in da toilet when I was a kid. Got an excellent nigger education by feral apes. In Ď68 the national guard had jeeps with machine guns mounted just to keep the rioting shitskins in there own neighborhoods.....where, of course the burned there own shit down. The city never recovered so thanks niggers. You took a fine city and made a third world shithole out of it. You fuckers ruin EVERYTHING!
    Donít even get me started on Dearborn with all the asslifters.

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    I grew up in Muskegon, which is on the other side of Michigan. We had our own nigger problems but the Muskegon niggers kept to niggertown and so you never really saw them.

    When I started college I met a ton of kids from De Troit who told me how bad it was getting (this was way back in the 80's!). Later I played in a band that did shows in Detroit and I was terrified. Even back then it looked like the wasteland from the Terminator movies.

    I never saw so many niggers in one place. For miles and miles you saw bars on peoples windows and doors. Our driver went from keeping the posted speed limit to 90MPH all at once. I asked him if he was worried about a ticket and he said that everyone speeds through here and no one gets a ticket because the cops have bigger things to worry about than traffic violations.

    30 yrs later I couldn't begin to imagine haw bad it is. I know that the city was selling houses for $1.00 about 10 yrs back, and nobody was buying them!

    Niggers are a plague on every great society that makes the mistake of letting them in. If you bring a cursed thing into your home, you risk being cursed by it.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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