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Thread: NIGGERS!

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    Sweet, welcome back, CA! You need to do an intro thread so we can give you a proper V2 welcome!

    As for the question, wolves stick to their areas, they care for their young, and they are beautiful creatures. Wolves are dangerous, but that's if you go their their territory and bug THEM. niggers on the other hand, they are dangerous, they go to human areas and bug US, and then they shit all over the place and destroy the area too.

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    I am actually ashamed of comparing a majestic animal to the vicious nigger beast. The wolf has evolved, the nigger has not. At some point, society will accept this FACT!

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    I had a wolf hybrid that raised my kids with me. I could trust her alone with them she was so protective. I wouldn’t let a nigger on my property for a second. No contest.

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