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Thread: Do you think this s*** will ever end?

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    Do you think this s*** will ever end?

    Are we stuck with these f****** apes forever or do you think we will see the day when they are completely removed from us.

    Let's get real there is no way civilization can advance with these animals.

    Why are apes always frowning?

    Because they know that in a million years they are going to turn into Niggers!

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    I hope itís to the point where antifa niggers and wiggers will be hunted down for the animal terrorists they are. Trump just declared them a terror org. Let the games begin.

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    As long as politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to pander to them for votes, the answer is no
    If I had known this is what I was fighting for in WW2, I would have cheered for Germany - Brian David Anderson - My Grandfather

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    ​Just don’t send them north, please.
    Why do niggers stink?
    So blind people can hate them too.

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