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Thread: Don't beat up pedos, bigot

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    Don't beat up pedos, bigot

    Imagine being an organization dedicated to saving kids from sexual abuse while condemning vigilantes who take the law into their own hands. I'm getting a 'Refugees Welcome' vibe here.

    Purity policing has also been visibly influenced by other social movements outside fandom, who join pile-ons and shape the “discourse” by which it is justified. These movements include anti-porn feminism, pedo-hunter vigilantism, and even the intolerant Christian right, which regularly attacks pop culture properties such as Big Mouth and (yes) Sabrina for promoting masturbation or the “transgender agenda.” These make odd bedfellows for purity policing fans, most of whom profess to be pursuing their agenda from a “social justice” orientation.
    Big Mouth objectively is a terrible show. It's like Chuck Schumer took a shit with his buddies and they all have the same facial features as him.

    As much as I disagree with radfems, I do think there should be criticism of pornography. However in this context, this pro-child organization is citing studies they haven't read and saying pedo hunters are wrong. Imagine that.

    You also have to pay $250 bucks a year to these fucks. I wonder what their opinion is on the Islamic grooming gangs, and how 'safe porn' could've prevented them from raping?

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    Yeah, not surprised at all to see this kind of thing. It's an infection, you leave it alone, it WILL grow and spread, and the consequences will not be pleasant (allowing niggers into society is a good example of this). What is concerning is that TV shows are mentioned, that is when things become VERY real, and this kind of message becomes widely seen. It's no secret, hellyweird WANTS this shit, so expect an army of people comprised of paid trolls, brainless entertainment addicts/sheep as well as "so called experts" defending it. But what do I know, I'm just part of the "intolerant Christian Right" >_>

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