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Thread: Nigger Foods and Recipes (Post Yours!)

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    Nigger Foods and Recipes (Post Yours!)

    I'll start it off with an all time favorite any coal skinned Jungle Bunny can appreciate.

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    Anything they eat isn't really considered people food.
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    Chitterlings and Rice Recipe

    • 5 pounds frozen chitterlings
    • 1 pound hog maws
    • 1 small Onion, roughly chopped
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
    • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
    • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

    Cookware and Utensils:

    • 1 6 quart boil pot
    • 1 cutting board
    • 1 sharp knife

    Recipe Instructions:
    As always the key to great cooking is preparation and quality ingredients.
    Most people are too intimated to try to cook chitterling on their own. But with the instructions that follow on how to cook chitterlings you'll be okay.
    Where to find Chitlins & Hog Maws
    1. You can find chitterlings and hog maws at your local grocery store. They are usually found with the frozen foods and come in 5 or 10 pound buckets or plastic. It will take several hours to thaw out your frozen chitlins. The hog maws come in packages and are also usually frozen. The hog maws are very tough, so it's a good idea to cook them while you're cleaning your chitlins.
    2. To prepare the hog maws for cooking rinse them in water and trim away excessive fat. Place your hog maws into a 6 quart cooking pot. Fill the pot with water to the half way point. Bring the water to boil over medium-high heat, reduce heat to medium-low and cook for 1 hour. Don't let the water cook out, add additionally water if necessary. When the meat is fully cooked, using a cutting board cut your hog maws into 2 inch thick pieces. The chitlins will be added to the hog maws later.

    How to Clean and Cook Chitlins
    1. If you want your recipe to turn out right wash your chitlins thoroughly...let me reemphasize, this is very important. Once your chitlins have thawed it's time for a good cleaning. Using one side of your sink, soak your chitlins in cold water. Examine each chitlin thoroughly removing by hand all foreign matter. The best way to do this is under running water.
    2. Under running water you need to repeatedly pick clean each chitlin. While picking clean the chitlins you should remove extra fat and any specks that you see.
    3. A good technique is to work out of both sides of your sink. Soak your chitlins in one side and clean and rinse in the other side of your sink. Once you have cleaned a chitlin place it in the container that it came out of.
    4. After all chitlins are cleaned they must be run through several changes of cold water. Just fill your sink with enough water to cover the chitlins. The chitlins should be washed until the water is nearly clear when they are removed.
    5. Now that wasn't so hard was it? Okay now that the chitlins are cleaned and the hog maws have cooked a little. It's time to finish up this tasty recipe.
    6. Place your chitlins into the pot with the hog maws and fill with water. Bring to full boil, and then add chopped onion, salt, red pepper and vinegar. Reduce heat and simmer for 3-5 hours until meat is tender to your liking. Add more water if necessary.
    7. Once the chitlins and hog maws have tendered remove from heat. Using a cutting board and knife, cut the chitlins and hog maws into 1 inch thick pieces. Serve on a bed of rice or with spaghetti.

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    Chitterlings are a prepared food usually made from the small intestines of a pig, although the intestines of cattle and other animals are sometimes used.
    As appetizing as that sounds, I think I'll pass.
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    Mac n' cheese.

    Steal box of Mac N' Cheese from store.
    Dump contents in pot, throw box on the floor
    Add wadduh, cook
    Scoop some into dish and put on floor for niglets.

    Stuff the rest down chiggin hole.


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    You can find chitterlings and hog maws at your local grocery store.
    Not at my grocery store. I don't even know what this stuff is, nor do I wish to find out.

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    I did't see any hand washing before the Grasscutter (A.K.A Rat) was prepared and I sure hope that chicken didn’t shit in Mama’s fish.
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    I had to Google chitterlings and hog maws and I was absolutely queasy. Why would anyone eat this filth? It's my turn to cook food at work and I said my speciality is chitterlings and hog maws in chilli salsa sauce. Everyone had to Google it, and they were all sick too.

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    Chicken Feet! Wow! Niggers eat anything!

    This quick and easy local snack can be had in a number of ways. If you prefer, you can cook it as a hearty stew and mix with chicken intestines and even the head or have it as a roasted roadside snack.
    Here’s a pic!
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    Smileys or Skaapkop
    This one definitely isn’t for the sensitive eaters… Skaapkop in English means lambs head. Looking at the meal, it isn’t difficult to realise where the other name, ‘smileys,’ comes from. The head of a lamb is spiced and baked for several hours. The end result is a head that looks like it’s smiling at you with succulent meat that is literally falling off the bone. To answer that question lingering in your head, yes – you eat the brains and eyes as well as part of the head. Those who were brave enough to try it, and managed to look past the head staring at them, said that this is a definite must try!
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