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    If I had scrotum face's money I wouldn't be spending a cent of it influencing elections or stirring up liberal causes.
    I'd pick him for the dead pool, but I think he'll live forever, he eats the souls of unborn children to gain eternal life.
    A number of countries have a warrant for Scrotey's arrest including Hungary. If there's a rise in left wing violence
    Scrotum's behind it.

    Same goes for Bloomberg, take your money and your company and go enjoy yourself, you're not going to beat Trump even if you blow 1 billion on it.
    (You can't beat Trump because you can't meme)
    “A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women”-Unknown

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    you got it gul never understood why interpol ever served those warrants
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    Even with Trump in office they got rid of Alex Jones, did he seem crazy at first glance, yes, was he unhinged more and more as time went on? Yes.
    However he knew too much and it was driving him insane. A. Jones is a conspiracy theorist and is discredited, and misquoted a lot. However if you look at
    history, there were a number of conspiracies which turned out to be fact. The Iran Contra affair being one.
    “A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women”-Unknown

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    I never knew what to make of A Jones. Seemed like he was a bit of an alarmist, especially with the whole Y2K non-event. But he's right about a lot of things, and he opened my eyes about the whole Bohemian Grove thing. That turned out to be 100% TRUE, so he has credibility in my book. Unfortunately, he's a total douche bag. And because I look like him, I was actually mistaken for him once in a casino. The more I denied that I was him, the more they said "OK we understand Alex".
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    when you hear iran contra-clinton was arkansas governor cia was flying the coke in to mena arkansas-never hear about all the bodies that turned up around that airport-as an aside when contaminated part of us blood supply from arkansas prison inmates-he got mobney out of those scales

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    he is credible in my book-but you got to watch he has a tendancy to go off rails-but on the other side is he part of operation mocking bird?
    he did not really get silenced and no suicide-if he knows all he claims i think he would have had a accident-credible but you have to try to confirm

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