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Thread: Woke MGTOW talks about his sex doll

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ StoopNig View Post

    Well they say that love is grand....I guess loving a doll is fifteen grand.
    People think those baby dolls that look like dead babies are expensive at 1500-3000$, but think of the cost of a real baby. Fake babies and fake women - they're for people who want a baby/partner but don't REALLY want them. They want the fantasy and not the messy, costly reality into which they would have to put some effort, make compromises, sacrifices and spend money. They want toys they can stick in a closet or a drawer if they aren't in the mood to play with them.

    The first time I ever heard about those sex dolls was this nutty, creepy nigger thing:

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    Stopped that video at 26 seconds, that is WAY too creepy. He's saying that their "relationship hasn't changed", well no shit Sherlock, of course it hasn't changed, it doesn't exist. Then he starts talking about how they support each other, etc., it just seems like he is trying to justify all of this by masquerading it as an actual relationship. Also, did anyone else notice the handcuffs? That thing is a doll, it doesn't move. These guys are lost in a fantasy.

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    Maybe the handcuffs were left over from the last time the nigger got arrested.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    Also, did anyone else notice the handcuffs?
    I did not notice that! I never thought I'd feel sorry for a synthetic creation but I find myself feeling sympathy for these fake women being at the mercy of that creepy weirdo.

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