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Thread: Stacey Abrams thinks she will be President in 20 years.

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    Stacey Abrams thinks she will be President in 20 years.

    Never mind that she can't win even a governorship or find an orthodontist....this whale is delusional.

    Stacey Abrams plans on being elected U.S. president in the next two decades, the former Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia said in a recent interview.

    “Yes, I do,” Abrams, 46, told FiveThirtyEight when asked whether she thought the country would elect her president in the next 20 years. “That’s my plan, and I’m very pragmatic.”

    Abrams, who is black, also commented on how she feels about being discussed as a vice presidential candidate as a way to balance out a Democratic ticket with a white presidential candidate.

    “I accept that I exist in the political zeitgeist in a very specific way,” the former minority leader of the Georgia House said.

    “When something new is on the horizon, we are usually both equally curious and afraid,” she responded when asked about the discussion around whether the country is ready for black woman executives.

    Rumors swirled earlier this year that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has considered tapping Abrams as his running mate.

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    Stacy who? Oh....that big ol' biscuit eatin, gap-toofed heifer. And in the next 20 years? I bet the beetus gets her first.

    In April 2018 Abrams wrote an op-ed for Fortune revealing that she owed $54,000 in federal back taxes and held $174,000 in credit card and student loan debt. Abrams was repaying the IRS incrementally on a payment plan after deferring her 2015 and 2016 taxes,

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    I never heard of this sow, but there are some pretty good comments. I'm surprised Yahoo hasn't deleted them:


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    Ape-brams is insane. It will be 66 then, which is way beyond the average nigger life expectancy.

    And by "I'm very pragmatic" it probably meant to say "very pregnant". Niggers mix up polysyllabic words all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Anemia View Post
    I bet the beetus gets her first.
    Sheeit maign!! You stole muh line!!

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