If you want to be a guest on Chimpout Radio, contact DJ StoopNig or YTISFEDUP.


Q: I don't know what I would talk about.
A: You can talk about anything. In fact, we interview you so all you have to do is answer a few questions. Couldn't be easier.

Q: What if I say something stupid?
A: The show is not live, so we edit out anything that doesn't belong: straying off topic, saying things that aren't all that funny, sneezes, burps, ums and errs. You get the idea.

Q: Will you share my personal information?
A: No. We don't even ask for your name and the whole thing is done via Skype which is totally anonymous.

Q: What is Skype?
A: Skype is a free program that lets you talk to other Skype users any time, anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I come on the show just to vent or share a coontact?
A: Yeah, that's the whole idea!

Q: How do I get to be a guest?
A: Send a message to DJ Stoopnig or YTISFEDUP, or you can respond to this thread.