I found this on another forum I frequent. I've given the guy a personal invite here......and for good reason. This is what he put up tonight. I'm sure he's a former Chimper at one point or another. Anyways, he reminds me of Ocho Negro.

It seems an inordinate percentage of black women I come across are pregnant, with many stating “I be prednint”. Often times they are fat pigs and I wouldn’t have known they be prednint had they not eloquently stated as such.
Often times, this is going to be there 3rd, foeff, or evening fiff churrin.
Many of these women are extraordinarily ugly...
. Disgusting tattoos that look like one of their prior butt dumplings drank mommas colt 45 and cut loose with the ink gin while momma be passed out.
Smell like rotten cocoa butter and body odor.
Dirty looking.
All sorts of varying degrees of fatness. Some are huge bitches. Had one sow that was about 400lbs and prednint.

We all know that the black man (aka felonious africanus) has an almost uncontrollable desire to fuck anything that moves (also known as “muh dick”), consensual or otherwise.

However, some of these pigs... it just can’t be. I can not for the life of me see anyone with a sense of sight or smell actually achieving erection within a 100 yard radius of these creatures, let alone achieving copulation.
It’s not biologically possible. Pictures of These she-beasts could be hung in the ER to cure viagra induced priapism and be 100% effective. If the pictures were scratch and sniff, it could possibly raise the dead, merely so the dead could move down wind and Rest In Peace.

Their complete unfuckableness leads me to my theory....
Some black women are born prednint. Like tribbles, they merely need to feed and achieve a certain body mass to spawn future felonious Africanus.
Once the required government cheese has been consumed, usually in the form of EBT attained fried foods, purple drank, and skittles... boom!!! Mitosis only a grand scale occurs.

This is my theory. What say ye?