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Thread: A Dozen Sand Niggers Expelled From Pensacola

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    A Dozen Sand Niggers Expelled From Pensacola

    Turns out that since the shooting there, nearly a dozen other asslifters had terrorist ties, were porn addicts or both. The article doesn't mention it but I just heard on tonight's news they had kiddie porn on their phones. Sick bastards.

    About a dozen Saudi students training alongside the American military in the United States will be sent back to Saudi Arabia after a review that stemmed from the killing of three American service members at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., last month, according to a United States official.

    Also, the Justice Department is now in another fight with the assholes at Apple to unlock the iPhones some of these pedos had.

    Fuck Apple.

    But frustrated law enforcement officials accuse Apple of providing a haven for criminals. They have long pushed for a legislative solution to the problem of “going dark,” their term for how increasingly secure phones have made it harder to solve crimes, and the Pensacola investigation gives them a prominent chance to make their case.

    Apple did not respond to a request for comment. But it will not back down from its unequivocal support of encryption that is impossible to crack, people close to the company said.

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    What a surprise big tech companies run by nigger loving leftists won't help crack the terrorists' phones open even in something that threatens national security. At least these sand niggers got the boot, but will likely still try their hand elsewhere at begging flight status or security clearances at other installations.

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