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Thread: Women fighting/women in combat

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    Women fighting/women in combat

    I'm making this post because there was a discussion on a YouTube video about women in historic combat roles. Now, I'm not one of these gals who denies there are substantial sex differences. The debate is whether women, with proper training, can defend themselves or hold their own against a larger, stronger opponent (and the same applies to smaller men against larger men - consider small Asian dudes fighting bucks).

    The gist of these arguments is that, even with a gun, knife, or sword, women put themselves at greater risk because they are a 'threat'. One of these guys who spoke to a martial arts instructor told women their best bet was to run away from an assailant. I have a hard time believing that's 100% effective, considering predators love it when their prey runs. Basically, women should not learn self-defense or learn how to shoot a gun because they'll always be physically weaker and there should be no attempt to try to even the odds because they'll always lose.

    Pics are related. Now, I know everyone rolls their eyes at Hollywood interpretations of these tiny 5 feet women beating the shit out of huge guys (think Ruby Rose)or itty bitty women wielding huge claymores. I'm talking about appropriate defense and weapons suitable for the task. Let me know what you think of these screenshots.

    For those unaware: Julie D'Aubigny was a real life swordswoman. One of the posters said the story around her is mostly myth, as no one is really sure how many men she fought or whether she ever did. Regardless, it's taken that a woman fencing or knowing how to is unrealistic.

    PS - please don't mind the pic of my friend on the last image.

    women suck at combat.jpg women suck at combat 2.jpg women suck at combat 3.jpgwomen suck at combat 4.jpg Screenshot_20200114-232708.jpg

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    My thoughts on this kind of stuff in general:

    For the most part almost any man can beat up almost any woman, but there are also exceptions. IE, throw a woman who is a golden gloves boxer into the ring with a guy who has never thrown a punch or sparred in his life and the girl will be able to sock him up just because she's more technically skilled, coordinated and experienced. It's not inconceivable some upper class and socially and financially elevated woman in those days could have been a high level exhibitionist fencer and could have bested a lot of men who underestimated her just because she was well trained, took it seriously, and was aware and conscious of her physical disadvantages. Though if the stories about this woman are true I doubt she was fighting equally high level male opponents but probably more likely beating on scrubs and amateurs who thought they could show her up. Also, "flukey" things can happen in fights, as in, youtube is full of videos of smaller guys punching out bigger guys, and every once in awhile you read a news story about a nigger who tries to rape a female kick-boxer who breaks his leg, even if those events are exceptions and not the standard. Even in situations where 9/10 times the bigger person will win, sometimes under the right circumstances the disadvantaged person can still win against the odds.

    As far as running away, sometimes it is the best thing, again given the circumstances. Most men can run down most women over short distances even if the woman has better long distance cardio. But under certain circumstances, IE a long legged female who jogs is attacked by a big heavyset or fat dude who can't chase her, it may be better to just outrun his big ass rather than risk letting a physically powerful person get their hands on you. That being said, I don't believe women put themselves at greater risk of harm by using a weapon to fight back, UNLESS this is a woman who has been brainwashed into believe she is some Amazon warrior who can fight men on equal terms just like the tiny 90 lb girls you see beating up big 200 lb dudes on tv and in movies all the time. That will end badly. But if a woman is armed, knows how to use her weapon, her weapon of choice is a good match for her physicality, and she is aware of her realistic disadvantages she is going to be in a much better position than one that is unarmed, and if the male attacker truly does try to savagely beat her to a pulp, then being armed with anything is better than being unarmed or just curling into a ball and letting it happen unopposed.

    I'm also in favor of women learning self-defense, especially in todays' era of collapsing society, but the problem with that is that most women's self defense seminars and training is VERY hokey, and is a bunch of low-impact stuff that will never work in real life against a dedicated attacker. Instead of teaching women to knee their attacker in the nards and claw his eyes they teach women silly "wrist grab" type techniques and things that nobody would ever actually submit to, and a lot of techniques that will work against a compliant training partner but would never stop a person who really wants to hurt you or overpower you. Women should absolutely train in self defense and carry some sort of weapon, just like men should as well, but women in particular REALLY need to know themselves and their limitations, and make sure that if they are doing physical self defense training it's the "legit" stuff, not the lame crap, but that spirals into an even bigger discussion about effective martial arts and fighting styles vs. fraudulent and ineffective stuff, but that's a whole different topic.
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    Though if the stories about this woman are true I doubt she was fighting equally high level male opponents but probably more likely beating on scrubs and amateurs who thought they could show her up.
    Apparently she did fight a lot of men who were accomplished sword fighters, and was trained herself by a man. Her father was the Grand Squire of France, so no doubt he taught his daughter all the dirty tricks and what to expect from male opponents.

    But yes, I do agree on proper self-defense rather than those ridiculous classes women take. Avivit Cohen does Krav Maga and she showed this guy that the minute you land on the ground or get swarmed, it's over.

    I think a good example, though fictional, is Black Widow. While she is physically smaller and at a disadvantage, she uses her body in a way to manipulate that of larger opponents. Of course she's biologically enhanced, but you get my drift. Women definitely should be aware of physical disadvantages, and proper self-defense should give her a chance. The argument made was that no matter what, a weapon or self defense will never help a woman, because she will always be weaker and beaten to a pulp.

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