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Thread: CO Radio #82 (Fireblade)

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    CO Radio #82 (Fireblade)

    Topic: Fireblade shares what it's like to live in South Africa
    Guest: Fireblade
    Music: Sixteen Bucks (Justin Igger), Trump (Parody of Lump) lyrics by Gallogleigh

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    Apologies for my poor mic

    Here is the link to the blog of Siener Van Rensburg prophecies I was talking about
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    A very informative show. I enjoyed Fireblade's input and perspective. Thank you to all.
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    I'm about a half hour in, I like the idea of the exchange rate!

    Good show as always, guys.
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    South Africa is really a tragic case. A country barricaded and hated by the UN, the US, the UK and the USSR, sanctioned to death, and it persevered...until 1994. Also, is it true South African cops used to rape prisoners who protested apartheid?

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