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Thread: Township tourism goes wrong, again.

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    Township tourism goes wrong, again.

    In S.A., a township is a semi rural nigger shithole. For some reason, tourists actually WANT to visit them, for the "authentic African experience" and this lot got it.

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    Luckily, no one was raped or murdered. Who in their right mind would go on safari unprotected? The zoo is much safer.
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    Never heard of this tourist destination, but it does look like a place where you can get an "authentic African experience." I'm sure you get what you pay for:

    Khayelitsha has one of the highest rates of crime in South Africa. Its policing districts of Site B, Harare and Lingelethu West investigated 192 murders in 2018. In addition, 186 sexual offences and 1 294 cases of robbery with aggravated circumstances were reported in the same period.

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    Exactly Diva, most of the tourists who go to places like Khayelitsha, Soweto, and (maybe) Alexandria think that they will go to a place where there will be a "vibrant African culture" (i.e. niggers sitting around making music, going about their business, and food stalls/street markets). Add to that they want to see apartheid history sites. Most (if not all) are libs, so they are unaware of "around blacks, never relax" and end up as criminal fodder.

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