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Thread: 2 niggers from the Queens Grenadier Guard busted for robbing likka sto's

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    2 niggers from the Queens Grenadier Guard busted for robbing likka sto's

    Actually 3 niggers, but only 2 were in the ceremonial unit.

    Two soldiers serving in the regiment that conducts ceremonial duties for the Queen carried out a string of armed robberies across south London, a court has heard.

    Grenadier Guards Kristopher James-Merrill, 20, and Dillon Sharpe, 23, are alleged to have raided seven convenience stores with their friend Marlon Wright, 25, between July 24 and 26 2018.

    Their regiment is one of the most senior in the British Army with soldiers recognised by the scarlet tunic and bearskin uniforms they wear while on ceremonial duty at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

    Sharpe, disguised in black clothing, a hood, gloves and a mask, threatened the shopkeepers with a BB handgun, demanding they hand over cash.

    James-Merrill is accused of supplying the weapon, using his Mercedes A-Class as a getaway car, and conducting reconnaissance with Wright.

    Kingston Crown Court heard one shopkeeper feared he would be shot and killed, while another was left bloodied with wounds to his head and face during the three-day spree.

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    James-Merrill, a serving soldier from Brixton, south-west London, arrived at Kingston Crown Court on Monday with a military medal pinned to his dark blue suit
    Even awaiting a court hearing it's all about looksatmuh. Niggers are the same everywhere.

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    A small price to pay for PC diversity, I guess.

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