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Thread: Greatest literary works and how they relate today

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    Greatest literary works and how they relate today

    I believe what the average high school graduate lacks is a common knowledge of civics and history, which explains the recent rise of socialism and socialist beliefs among millennials in America. Throughout history, one pattern is certain....

    Socialism leads to communism, communism leads to dictatorship, dictatorship leads to oppression.

    Orwell's 1984
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    Most young people who support socialism have been brought up in well do to families, and have never experienced the austerity that socialism creates.

    My class read Animal Farm in 8th grade, it started with all animals are equal, then became "some animals are more equal than others".

    We see that in today's elitism. The globalist elites like Trudeau, Macron, others preach green energy and impose a carbon tax, but still fly their gas sucking government jets.
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