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Thread: CVS niggers

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    CVS niggers

    I went to the CVS about 11pm the other night to pick up a prescription.

    I had used the teledoc and was able to get my sinus infection diagnosed over the phone as it was a holiday and didn't
    feel like going to the emergency room.

    When I got there, there was a long line at the drive through and when I went inside there was a pharmacy line all the way to the front of the store.

    I took a look behind the counter and there was a stupid looking big bald gay spook with no teeth and a perpetual idiotic toothless grin
    and the nigger "working" the drive through was a crazy looking older coon sporting a gray afro that looked completely clueless.

    Just for shits and giggles, I got in the line, waited 20 min and NOT ONE customer was served.

    The bald coon just pawed through the giant mess of prescription bags that were stacked on the floor, on the shelves and on the counter tops.

    The older one at the drive through just kept telling customers..."we don't have that ready" and didn't even look in his computer to telling how many humans went without their medicine on New Years.

    It was a giant monkey football fucking clusterfuck.

    I finally got fed up and went home.

    I went in the next day and there was one white woman working assholes and elbows with those two niggers...and she was actually getting stuff done despite the retarded apes and their ridiculous mess of prescription bags and paperwork. I was finally able to get my thanks to any worthless niggers.

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    I suffer from chronic sinusitis and would have gotten a tad homicidal at that point. Nothing like your forehead feeling like it's going to blow off to make a guy little testy.
    I feel your pain maing.

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    Went back today to get my granddaughter some medicine

    The worthless coons were sacked and replaced by a little indian not sitting bull.
    Three white women and a latina.

    Everything went a lot faster and all the stacks of lost prescriptions were cleared out and put away.

    The toothless gay nigger buck is probably in the unemployment or welfare line.

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    Being from and living in a rural community, I couldn't image the horrors of having to deal with niggers and long lines in the same capacity as those of you living in more populated areas do. I like personalized service where everyone knows my name and I know theirs.
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