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Thread: jihad attack on tv

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    Black Loony Muzzy. muzzies are everywhere at the "protests". They are parasitic by nature and by "religion". In EuRape they emulate negro behaviour and have their own jihadi mudslime gangster rap music. niggers poop on the streets, muzzies throw stones etc where ever they are. Muzzies whine exactly like the niggers about nothing and everything, make storries up and are obsessed with scamming other people. They cry because of the fate of native americans while being in europe so they can blame whitey here because you whites did that; even if we know that they kill all polytheists. The crusades... They love inversed accusations too, complaining about colonization and racism and discrimination. muzzies are verry stabby... Nothing good ever comes out of the mouth of a muslim. Their arrogance reaches to the stars.

    All parasites unite against humanity.

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