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Thread: Can Derrick Chauvin even get a fair trial?

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    Can Derrick Chauvin even get a fair trial?

    The dumb Simian brained boons think they can get a first degree murder charge against him.

    In order to do this they would have to prove that Derek Chauvin came to Police Headquarters that day and said to himself "I'm going to kill me a Nigger today
    and his name is George Floyd. I'm going to step on his neck until he's dead."

    A Nigger has no ability to understand anything p.

    I seriously doubt they're even going to get a second-degree murder charge and at best they will get a manslaughter charge.

    And when that happens it's going to be Nigger Rampage part 2.

    Just imagine.

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    A fair trial? The justice system is ran by liberals who favor criminals over law-abiders. It's also not just limited to the justice system. Those who work in the real estate industry are affected as well. In many states, it's illegal to conduct a credit check or criminal background history check for anyone (or anything) wanting to live in your rental properties.

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    I hope that every officer involved gets exonerated.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ StoopNig View Post
    I hope that every officer involved gets exonerated.
    If they get exonerated they'll be more looting, more destruction, more fires, if they are convicted and sentenced same thing.
    Niggers and the idiot white supporters are too far agitated by the left.

    "The only victim was the government." - Michael Franzese
    A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women. - Unknown

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    The Donald said that everyone in america saw the brutal death of the Landlord. He didn't say murder. It is sad that the POTUS was forced by the events to waste his time.

    The jogger commited a crime and he was in prison at least two times before.

    The arrest went well until the chimp decided to throw himself to the ground and do some eel tricks.

    The jogger also died with corona, he panicked in his polytoxicomania induced delirium and collapsed because of his poor health condition(s). In the moment he was caught and the cops had their hands on him, all the dark spirits that surrounded him in his life came with their batwings to take him.

    He wasn't claustrophobic before when he was driving in his car to commit a crime. He chimped in delirium, because he knew that he would go to jail etc. I think one of the cops also said to the witnesses "that's why you don't do drugs" or something similar.

    There should be hope for the cops; I think they are in a far better position than Zimmermann in his time. All media and zombie mutants are revolted against the noble jogger catchers, but the nuffins of the dindu are too obvious. Cops can do mistakes sometimes, but they are also bound to work as they have learned to do it.

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