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Thread: Day Of The Vow, and the Battle of Blood River

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    Day Of The Vow, and the Battle of Blood River

    This was the closest section I could find for posting this

    16th December is a special day for white South Africans, on this day we remember and honour the "Battle of Blood River". What happened was in 1838 470 "Voortrekkers" (Afrikaans from of pioneer or settler) went up against a massive amount oz Zulus (some estimate it to be 10-15 THOUSAND) on the banks of a river. The Voortrekkers made a covenant with God that if they were to win and survive, they would forever keep the day sacred and remember it. What followed was a miracle, the Voortrekkers won what is now known as "The Battle of Blood River", so named because so many Zulus dies that the waters of the river became red with blood. The Voortrekkers and their decedents stuck to their word, and Dec 16 became "The Day of The Vow" or "Geloftedag" (in Afrikaans). The ANC govt has tried to get rid of it and rename Dec. 16 as "Day of Reconciliation", but the day is still marked with Afrikaaner (and some English as well) remembrances as well as pilgrimages to the Voortrekker monument, where every 16 December at 12 PM, sunlight shines through a dome on the roof onto a stone tablet called the Cenotaph, with the words "Ons vir jou SuidAfrika" which translates to "We are for you South Africa".

    More info about the battle:

    And the Voortrekker monument:
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    Wow, I never knew this.

    The Voortrekker monument looks amazing and we all know that niggers could never design anything like that (let alone build it). So much history in SA could be destroyed by one category five bongo party and the world wouldn't even know what was removed. None of this is taught in American Schools.

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    3 YT's wounded and 3,000+ niggers slain? This is a proud day indeed and a glorious monument for such a triumph.

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    Give blacks power and they'll promptly remove all white monuments and achievements, even though they have zero claim to the land.

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