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Thread: Justice for Chauvin

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    Justice for Chauvin

    The autopsy revealed that the ape died from his drug overdose, not suffocation.

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    Do you have a link?
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    This is absolutely amazing news but it won't make a damn difference to the niggars. They will never apologize nor ever stop burning, and looting destroying everything in sight.

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    This is bullshit..every nigger on the news says the same fucking thing: "Da poleece all be rayciss..this shit happen ery day to peepul 'a cola." No, actually Mr. and Mrs. Shitskin this doesn't happen to "people of color," it happens to groids. In case you haven't noticed, nearly every one of these incidents involves coons. And I wonder why that is. Maybe cause you fucking apes are a bunch of animals who make the life of law enforcement officers a living hell. Maybe because cops have every reason to shoot first and ask questions later when they apprehend a jigaboo so as to avoid being killed first. But no, Mr./Mrs. Apefirmative Action Civil Servant, I assure you the police do not ventilate one your kind every week simply because they have it in for you and you only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son_of_Sambo View Post
    This is absolutely amazing news but it won't make a damn difference to the niggars. They will never apologize nor ever stop burning, and looting destroying everything in sight.
    Because in what passes for the nigger "mind", looting and destroying are as natural as taking a piss, they don't even comprehend that it is wrong

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    It's hard to imagine what was going through Chauvin's head. He's using a common technique and this time the ape really seems in distress. My thought is he just panicked. When the shit skin lost its pulse, he probably kept the knee there because he had to maintain the impression that he was using a standard procedure (which he was), but unfortunately the nigger had a heart attack and suddenly Chauvin realizes he could be in deep shit. A cop is not going to throw away his career for a worthless jigaboo so no matter how justified he would've been in sending Mr. Floyd off to nigger heaven, this would never be what he intended. Libtards put Arberry and Mr. "I cants breave" together and scream "police brutality." Luckily the trial will show the body cam footage of the chimpout that led to the restraint and the autopsy report proving the ape's death was accidental.

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    He may have been commanded to keep his knee on the Knee-grow (pun intended).
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    One problem is, that they may have known each other before. They were both working in the same company for some time (https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article...lis-night-club). So there may be more to the story than it appears. I do not side with the chimps but neither do I trust cops. I think the way the video shows Chauvin does not depict him favorably. Also he is unlucky with his name (because it connects to chauvinism). The dindus won't stop rioting whatever the truth is.

    The cop is in jail and is charged with murder... what are they rioting for? Because niggers.

    I feel much more need for justice in the case of the many people who got arrested arround that Akmad Jogger Video (Ahmaud Arbery), since their innocence is rather obvious to me. Both cases show perfectly how the media is driving all the dindus and TV-hamster to riot.

    1) It started that way when they showed internationaly the Rodney King beating video (the second half of it) that sparked the LA riots in the 90s. Roddy was high on PCP and didn't follow instructions like the other dindus in his car did.

    2) Then came Trayboon. Only well informed people knew that Zimmy was Latino/Jewish. Pictures of him have been photoshopped so he would appear snow white and to brush his bruises out. Only well informed people knew the autopsy report of Trayboon, that indicated he was abusing substances so much as to have a fatty liver. Trayboons facebook profile pictures etc. were never shown; only his baby pictures. Zimmy was also involved in anti-racism activities and had buddies of all creeds and races blabla. Trayboon's and Zimmy's Daddies might have known each other from their jobs, since they were lawyers (and masons too). And even in Europe today the corrupt media perpetuates the lie by starting sentences like "Zimmermann, the racist guy who shot the african-american..." By now/then Zimmy's innocence and Trayboon's criminal behaviour are largely proven and the claims of racism were all wrong to begin with. But they insist on painting a picture.

    3) Then came the Gentle Giant. Here there was allready solid proof that he was attacking the cop, who was obviously completly innocent. There was also video proof of the Gentle Giant behaving verry badly towards the asian shop owner. Dindus did riot anyways (burn that bitch down), and the media played that Gentle Giant card with baby pictures all the time. I cannot remember the media to stop lying about that case. There were also many side-storys about the Giant's fambly I forgot...

    4) Then came the allready forgotten Noble Jogger Akmad. You can see him breaking in before he has been chased. There are multiple police videos on the net about Akmads encounter and arrests which show that he is well known and has a "history". Neverless it was the media that got all people involved in the shooting and the making of the video arrested and prossecuted. Akmad should not be jogging in the middle of the road, where cars are not even allowed to take over and are unable to drive arround him, in the first place. Someone was holding a shotgun and Akmad should have respected that instead of attacking frontaly. There is no excuse for Akmad and there was nothing wrong in the humans to have defended themselves; and nothing wrong in the way they did it.

    I think they needed that new Chauvin video so we could easier be deflected from the truth about Joggnigg, since that case shows perfectly how the media, together with politicians and other groups, is driving all the social unrest.

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