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Thread: Niggers Ruining Paris

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    Niggers Ruining Paris

    My wife knows a man who is from France and does business in America. She wanted to go to France. He told her not to go to Paris and said that Paris is now like Africa.
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    What's the difference between dog shit and niggers? When dog shit gets old it turns white and quits stinking.

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    Horrifying! Anything niggers come into contact with is destroyed.
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    To error is human. To forgive is not my policy.

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    Geez. We used to make fun of the French for pissing in the streets but DAMN! These niggers had to take it to the next notch of unacceptability.
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    That's Paris?!

    Even BEFORE I saw this video, I couldn't understand why France wanted all the coons from the former colonies.

    But the French Liberals would probably say something retarded like "At least we are the world football (soccer) champions"

    Macron needs to be tried for treason
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