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Thread: Elderly beating

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    Elderly beating

    Has anyone seen the video of a nursing home nigger employee beating an old white man? The home is in Detroit. The nig was arrested. When you see the video you will be sickened.

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    Wow. Never heard about this until you brought it to us. Pretty fucking sick.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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    Niggers are predatory and cowardly, if that was a man in his thirties well," I think he fell officer and then went to sleep."
    “A man that chases women will run out of money. But a man that chases money will never run out of women”-Unknown

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    There are a thousand and one reasons to hate Niggers and all of them are good.

    There are places in Africa where you can buy a helpless puppy and tie it up to a post, break all of its limbs and torture it to death for pleasure.

    Niggars love to see things suffer.

    They get some kind of perverted pleasure from it.

    That's why they practice necklacing for petty crime in Africa. if you steal potatoes because you are hungry and you need something to eat they will fill a tire with gasoline put it around you and then burn you to death.

    Meanwhile they let Mugabe steal billions of dollars from them.

    Have you ever noticed that their bloodlust is just like that of an ape when it sees a street fight?

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    This is why they used to publicly Lynch these niggars. They had a device that was something like a web and went underneath the whole jaw to slow hang the ape

    Before that they would give him surgery below the belt. I think you know what that means.

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    I had to collect a urine sample once from an old nigger (this was in the early 90's). He was in the bathroom for a really long time so I went to check on him. Dude had his dick cut off! They sent him to the ER to get the urine sample. I didn't ask, just assumed he got caught as a youngster raping a white woman.

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