In the early 1980's the niggers started with their "Its a Black Thang, you wouldn't understand" bullshit. Their T shirts were everywhere. They were even selling them at K-mart. I found a T shirt that read the following:


(Graphic of Albert Einstein)

You wouldn't understand...

I wore that shirt for years and the niggers would just try to read it with a confused look on their face. It pretty much read "Hey! ALL NIGGERS ARE STUPID!" I used to carry extra weapons and would be on tactical alert whenever I wore the shirt in case someone figured it out but no one ever did! I was even crazy enough to wear it to the State Fair where there was nothing but niggers. Got a lot of blank looks and confused faces but nothing else. All of my friends predicted that I would get jumped. The niggers never even figured it out. I guess it really IS a White thing! They didn't understand.... In all honesty, the letters were printed in Old English fonts so reading it was more like reading a Rorschach inkblot test. But even still, white people got it immediately and would always crack a non PC smile.

I really hope that this shirt would make a comeback. I would be ready to fight in case some toad figures it out though.