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    Default List of Candy Puns

    List of many more can be found here.

    Re: I got a candy bar from the machine at work. You reese an excellent topic.

    My wife is the expert there, so you should ask Her-shey really knows her stuff. (I'm such a Cad-bury me now!) Although I see she is busy getting Lindt off my suit.

    I'm glad you agree Reggie. There are literally mounds of candy bar puns to make. Although I'm awful hungry and won't be thinking straight until Payday.

    Re: I got a candy bar from the machine at work
    Oh Henry, dump that Zero and get yourself a Lifesaver!

    But I'm caught be-twix punning again or letting it be. I figure the mars the merrier....

    (it goes on and on)
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

    "To a nigger cost and value are one and the same thing which is why they are unable to distinguish between someone who is rich and someone who just temporarily has a lot of disposable income."-Leeroy Jenkem

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    I'll try one. What the heck.

    Please don't ever go to" New York mints" because of all the "snickers" there. As soon as "pay day" comes a "snicker" will rob you and take all of your "almond joy." They are "air heads" and cannot do "good and plenty." I hope they all get lynched with a "nerds rope."
    How was that?



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