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    Because they haven't evolved from the monkey and their hands are designed to grasp a tree limb and not a tool. That's why they aren't worth a shit for anything but hanging around street corners all the time. Their necks are adapted very well for ropes and gerats.

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    On the positive side that is a good way to trap brass,get a jam up and give YT the chance to make the nigger gangster good. It's happened.

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    If you'll notice Niggers also make those stupid, convoluted "Gang" gestures with their paws when talking or trying to emphasize a point.

    This is pure Simian reflex, folks -- when monkeys are startled or trying to bluff off rivals their arms extend upwards and curve inwards over their heads in an effort to make themselves look larger and more menacing.

    When the "Fight or Flight" response is triggered in Niggers and other members of the Simian species, their arms will instinctively go upwards in that same Chimp-like manner. Aiming a gun forward is ONLY possible by rotating the wrists inboard and cocked downwards when the arms are extended overhead -- there is no "forethought" into this process, this behavior is simply hard-wired into the Nigger DNA.

    The only time you'll see Humans doing anything that remotely looks similar is when they ride Choppers with "monkey bar" handles for steering. However, the key difference here is that Humans invented the internal combustion engine, the technology to mine, refinine, and manufacture steel, and gave the world electricity, medicine, water purification, and satellite communications.

    And as a result, we can ride our Harleys any damn way we want!


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    Why do niggers hold guns sideways?

    Why do niggers open a pack of cigarettes from the wrong end?

    Why do niggers wear baseball caps with the peak pointing out to the side?

    They will not do anything the same way YT does it, even if it's manifestly wrong. It doesn't matter to them how wrong it is, or that you can't aim a gun sideways, or that you can't close a cigarette pack if it's ripped apart the wrong way. It's because they don't want to do anything the white (right) way. That's what the bulk of TNB is.
    If we judged them by the content of their character, they'd be begging us to judge them by the color of their skin

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    I don't know but there might be a correlation with that and the way they slouch back while driving until they can barely see over the steering wheel. According to Niggerlogic, doing things differently from Humans takes precedence over whether its the most effective or sensible way to accomplish the given task.

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    Also; why do niggers rob 7-11's instead of pharmacies? That is where the real money is. There is a white guy robbing pharmancies. Just one pharmacy, he got 5000$ worth of narcotics. They didn't mention the money. No. The stupid nigger would rather rob a 711 to get 17$ and half the time they kill the clerk.

    Why do nigger criminals wear pants past their dirty asses when running in loose pants slows you down. You cannot fight in loose pants because all one has to do is pull down their filthy pants and the nigger has 2 choices; fight with its hind paw bound or bend over to pick up its pants. Either way, it looses.
    "Political correctness is the sullen revenge of the spiteful, intolerant, and ill-willed dunce upon all the liveliness in this world. It is no more than the humorlessly insincere resort of minds so mediocre that, for them, a revival of Stalinism is preferable to the pain of a glimpse of self-it is the last sigh of the beast that Nietzsche identified as ressentiment."

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    Cannibal Niggers


    they can also hold a gun in their nigger ape feet....

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    With props to Hekate who found this stellar example

    Shorty got yo money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Interloper View Post
    According to Niggerlogic, doing things differently from Humans takes precedence over whether its the most effective or sensible way to accomplish the given task.
    I make you 100% correct, sir
    "An individual's tolerance for niggers is inversely proportional to their distance from them."

    Dr JT Buckmaster, Bnig, MN, Ph.Nig
    Emeritus Professor of Niggerology
    European Institute of Advanced Nigger Studies (EIANS)

    1-800-FUK NGRS



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