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    Default Jazmine Fenlator Bobsled Bobsledding

    Welcome to the USSA, papers please.
    get rid of diversity before diversity gets rid of you. -Someone
    You can take the shitskinned shitdemon out of the jungle but you cant take the shitdemon out of the shitskin -Nigligent

    We sacrificed our freedom for security and we sacrificed our safety for diversity. - Nigligent

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    Jizmine Felator. Fixed that for you.

    My nigger welcoming committee: 12 Apostles in the mag and the Jesus round in the chamber.

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    Never have understood the whole bobsled appeal, might as well have a fall off a cliff contest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigligent View Post
    Interesting surname, "Fenlator" sounds like a tool name or something.....niggers never seem to have regular-sounding names these days....
    Glad to be a part of this site and helping in raising awareness about niggers....Groids just really suck!

    Check out my many high-quality anti-nigger banners and graphics which I post in the Funny Pictures section here, and also in my Chimpout Profile Album......

    Let me know if you have any "special requests" for new, original artwork for our Chimpout forums!


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    Those big nigger asses give the sled momentum.

    "All the people like us are We (humans), and everyone else is They (niggers)" Rudyard Kipling



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